Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2011 Small Forward Rankings

There are a lot of good talent in the small forward position in the 2011 class. Plenty of high, mid, and low major talent to go around in this position.

H=High major H- = High major Stretch
M+ = Mid-major, higher possibly, M=Mid-major, M- =Mid-major stretch
L+ = Low major, higher possibly, L= Low-major, L- = Low-major stretch/D2/NAIA

1. Branden Dawson 6’7 Gary Wallace H Athletic, good motor, finishes well in traffic against contact, okay shooter. Would like him to improve shooting.
2. Austin Etherington 6’6 Hamilton Heights H- Shooter, long wingspan. Good ball handler and court vision. I love his competitiveness. Committed to Indiana University
3. Ryan Taylor 6’5 Lawrence North H- Strong and athletic right now. Needs to be more consistent from the outside and has been so far this summer. His game is expanding from a PF to a SF but he still has some work to do. Committed to Louisville
4. Steven Jamison 6’6 Broad Ripple M+ Long, streaky shooter, okay handles, Runs very well, good motor. More consistency from perimeter shooting would make him a great mid-major or higher prospect.
5. Rontray Chavis 6’4 Princeton M+ Skilled tweener(small forwad and power forward), quick, athletic, solid body, has some range to his jumper. Gets a bit out of control at times.
6. Chandler Thomas 6’5 Cathedral L+ Very good post player, good athlete, strong. Needs to become a wing.
7. Brian Stolarz 6’4 Munster L+ Strong, good jumper, good set shooter, good rebounder. Not great with the ball…needs to improve ball-handling and overall perimeter skills.
8. Jon Trawick 6’2 Richmond L Strong, athletic, good set shooter. Needs to improve ball handling and defense
9. Brandon Muncie 6'4 Lawrence North L+ Athletic, long windspan. If he can build his game around his great athleticism he could be very good.
10. Andy Smeathers 6’5 Center Grove L+ Shooter with good length
11. Robbie Howell 6’5 Tri-Central L Versatile small forward that has a very good mid-range game although with good strength
12. Josh Gentry 6’5 Pike L+ Mega long, weird looking shot, good energy. Will force shots
13. Jackson Renshaw 6'4 Columbus East L+ Strong, solid athlete, decent ball-handling skills. Needs to improve consistency on jumper and decision making.
14. Evan Dodd 6’5 Hauser L Solid inside outside threat. Will force shots up.
15. Levi Garner 6'4 Edgewood L Strong, good penetrating skills. Lacks a consistent jumper..
16. Dwight Cliff 6’3 Ben Davis L Strong, good set shooter, solid rebounder. Needs to improve ball handling on drives and shooting off the dribble.
17. Jerrick Suiter 6’3 Valparaiso D2 Fighter competitor. Does whatever it takes to win games.
18. George Zhang 6’3 West Lafayette
19. Brock Tew 6’4 Tri-Central

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