Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AMC Report-Part 6

The last player reports before I do my recap of the Adidas May Classic.

Jeremy Hollowell Spiece Indy Stars-Hollowell is extremely long and a legit 6'5 approaching 6'6. His brother plays at Eastern Illinois. Hollowell's best ability is shooting. He also gets to the rim a lot but struggles to finish at times. He will definitely be a mid-major to high-major prospect.

Kellon Thomas Spiece Indy Stars
-Thomas is rated as my top point guard in the 2012 class so far ahead of Yogi Ferrell and D.J. Ballentine. He is strong, tough, makes good decisions and can shoot it.

Rhett Smith Spiece Indy Stars-Rhett is a 6'5 possibly 6'6 SF/PF right now. He has ball handling and perimeter skills but is also good in the post. He plays really hard and rebounds pretty well. I like his game a lot.

Jalen Packer Indiana Elite One
-Packer didn't do much this weekend. He is a good slashing guard, but isn't quick enough to do that at the next level. He really needs to improve his shooting to be more than a low-major player.

Alex Pritchett Indiana Elite One-I only saw him rebound and shoot lay-ups this weekend. I didn't see any post moves or face-up moves from him. Probably need to see him again to get a feel for his game.

D.J. Ballentine Eric Gordon All-Stars-I like his game. He can shoot it well and drives the ball well and finishes a high percentage when he gets into the lane. I'm unsure of his quickness/ability to guard the top pg's. Time will tell.

I believe those are all the notes that I had from this weekend. I know it wasn't much but I tried haha