Saturday, November 7, 2009

Metro Indy Fall League Wrap-Up

Well the Metro Indy Fall League has been completed. I thought the games were very competitive and hard fought for the most part. There is nothing to win except pride so at times effort will be less than desired. I saw a lot of people playing hard this year especially the "big name" players. When the best players are playing hard than the less talented guys see they must put their best effort out there.

I'm going to do a breakdown by class of the league. The junior class had the most representation so some good players might be left off that list.


There were only 3 freshmen in the league. The one that stood out for me was Alex Etherington 6'1. Yes, he is Austin's younger brother. He's not quite where Austin was at the same age, but Alex can definitely play. He plays hard and can shoot it pretty well. I expect him to get quality minutes for a solid Hamilton Heights team.


The sophomore class was well represented in the league and a few really stood out against the older competition. DJ Ballentine 6' of Kokomo was a big time player in the league. Ballentine can really score mainly through outside shooting, but also has a good mid-range game. Mitchell Paige 5'10 (Guerin) really impressed me. Paige can shoot it very well to about 22 feet consistently and when players closed out recklessly he drove to the rim creating plays for others. I would say his biggest knock is that he is probably only 5'8 although listed at 5'10. He is quick, but to play at the D1 level you have to be ultra quick to make up for that lack of size.

Brad Hartman 6'6 (Union County) had some very good performances. He showed that he was more than a post-up and rebound type of player. He shot very well from 3 when he got his feet set. He is getting a little more bounce in his legs with his strength training that should help his game. I would say he is a mid-major prospect at this point.

Eron Harris 6'1 (Lawrence North) caught my eye with his defensive ability. Aggressive, long, smart defensively. He, also, was very good getting to the rim and finishing. His shot needs work.


The junior class is going to be hard to mention everyone I need to without making this go on for pages.


Greg Dickey 5'10(Tipton), most are probably wondering how Dickey can be a surprise since most people who follow Indiana basketball know of him, well he surprised me with how well he shot it from distance and with his ability to beat guys off the dribble then most importantly finishing at the rim. He finished at the rim consistently when people came to contest. He was very good the whole time.

Robbie Howell 6'5 (Tri-Central)
played very well in the mid-range game. I had watched him over the summer a few times, but he was also in the post and didn't do too much. When he was away from the basket he showed a nice shot and the ability to beat guys off the dribble at a strong 6'5. I would rank him as a low-major prospect at this point. For sure, NAIA/D2-type of prospect with his ability to play multiple positions.

Brandon Burtner 5'11 (Western Boone)played a solid game every time out. He doesn't pop out at you, but he takes care of the ball, plays good defense, knocks down the outside shot, and isn't afraid to get after the ball. Probably a small college prospect with a chance to be a low-major prospect if he continues to improve.

Seth Small 5'10 (Hamilton Heights) is best described by his last name. Small definitely can play though and is a great competitor. He shoots it very well and will pull-up from the mid-range. He was tough to guard throughout the league. He is definitely a small college prospect up to a low-major prospect. He is a leader and fighter that can shoot...I know coaches like those type of players.

All-Junior Team

Max Landis 6'1 (Perry Meridian)-Competitor, smart, shooting it better from long distance.
Greg Dick 5'11 (Tipton)-See above
Steven Jamison 6'5 (Broad Ripple)-I believe his only offer right now is from IUPUI. I think he would be great as a wing for any team that wants to get up and down the floor. He could be very good at the top of a 1-3-1.
Austin Etherington 6'6 (Hamilton Heights)-The IU committ hit 2 game winning 3's and really crushed the boards hard. An extreme competitor doing whatever it took to win a fall league.
Tyler Greathouse 6'9 (Columbus North)-The big man that can really stroke it from 3 also showed that he has a solid post game. Aggressiveness is his key to what level he can play at in college.
Demetrius Lawson 6'1 (Zionsville)-A strong guard that has a nice looking shot. To be a solid mid-major guy I think he needs to be able to handle the ball at a point guard level and be a little more consistent from the outside.


There weren't a ton of seniors in the league so I will just put my All-Senior team up.

All-Senior Team

Chrishawn Hopkins 6'1 (Manual)
-Butler commit dazzled fans and players with his dunks and play making abilities.
Cody Rohrer 6'1 (Arlington)-A surprise...strong, power guard that was unstoppable at times. He would just put his head down and get to the rim.
Khristian Smith 6'5 (Pike)-More athletic than I had previously given him credit for. I think he is a very good prospect for mid-majors and lower.
Ethan Jacobs 7'0 (Tipton)-The big man played on the perimeter most of the league and did a good job. He can run the floor really well. He has a good shot from the outside, but his post game still needs to be developed.
Neal Beshears 6'6 (Winchester)-The Junior All-Star shined at times. If he was more consistent from the outside he would be a bigger prospect. I love his length...with added muscle he would be able to finish at the rim better against contact.