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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Early Tests

We were tested early and often in our first tournament of the year. We played 3 very good teams. We haven't had many practices with everyone attending because of spring breaks. We competed pretty well in every game. The games didn't finish as we had hoped and we ended up 1-2 in the tournament.

Once we get more comfortable with each other I think things will really start to go well. We lack height, but we have a lot of solid athletes at the wing positions. 15u is a big jump in competition level from 14u and even high school ball. Fundamental habits are key. We just need to refocus on a few things and we will be a tough team.

Next weekend, we play in another tournament here in Indianapolis.

Friday, April 11, 2008

First tournament of the AAU season. I'm excited and nervous, of course. My team has no "big man." It reminds me of the Villanova team a few years ago that made the 4 guard lineup work. Hopefully, we can be as good as they were. ha ha. We play 3 games Saturday. After that first day, I should know a lot more about my team.

Check for updates at I'm not sure if they will update it, but it doesn't hurt to check.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Computer Crash

I haven't made a post in a very long time due to my computer crashing. It is a frustrating thing for a person with little money. I am working on finding a cheap computer at the moment and then updates will be more frequent again.

AAU season has started and we have been having practices. Practices haven't been well attended due to different spring breaks at each school. The first tournament is next weekend so it could be a rough start. I'm trying to stress the fundamentals as much as possible. We will see how things go.

Sorry, but I have to run. I will start to have short updates even if I don't get a computer soon so check back often.