Friday, May 29, 2009

Memphis Basketball Scandal

Let's just state the obvious right now...everyone knew something would come out after Memphis' Final Four run and it was just a matter of time. Here is the story if you have no clue what I am talking about.

A few interesting points of interest from this scandal.

1. Memphis hired Josh Pastner without telling him that Memphis was under investigation by the NCAA. Memphis knew about this in January. It might have been assumed that John Calipari had told Pastner or something along those lines, but to hire a new coach and not at least mention the investigation is very shady. This has to be terms for a lawsuit if Pastner wanted to pursue

2. Calipari isn't directly named in the report and Kentucky is basically saying this will free him from any wrong doing. Well, coaches are not that dumb...coaches are rarely, if ever, directly named in reports of misconduct during recruiting. Coaches are not going to write a check from their own bank account and hand it to a recruit. Most coaches are fired in these circumstances without being named in reports. Calipari is at the helm of the whole program and he knows what is going on under him.

3. This point is dealing with Derrick Rose and the NBA forcing him to go to college. He had no business going to college. He didn't have the grades or the test scores to get into college. If the 1 year rule wasn't implemented then Rose wouldn't have to cheat. This 1 year rule is is forced amateurism and is basically taking away people's right to work. If they are good enough to play in the NBA then let them go. NBA teams do not have to pick them if the NBA thinks drafting young players will hurt the overall league. Look at the teams left in the playoffs...who are the main stars? Lebron, Kobe, Dwight Howard, Rashard many went to college?

NCAA wants pure student-athletes well Derrick Rose wouldn't have been a student if he wasn't an athlete so let him be what he truly is and that is a professional athlete. The NCAA wants to make billions of dollars but keep their athletes amateurs. That is just pure hypocrisy. Something needs to the athletes a stripend, let players go directly to the NBA if they are good enough, do something please.