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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kentucky Hoop Fest Recap 2011

I'm going to break my recap into classes and then by team for easier navigating and comprehension of teams and players.

Spiece Select 2011

Tony Springmann 6'8 Fort Wayne Dwenger showed numerous moves and finishes with his left hand this week. It is a given that he is going to rebound and play strong inside. Needs to continue to develop offensive game.

Zac VanDeWater 6'4 Whitko is a legit 6'4 wing that can shoot, move laterally well, very good rebounder from a guard spot. I put him as a mid-major plus right now.

Kendal Griffin 6'4 Avon
is very similar to VanDeWater but faster north and south although probably slower laterally on the defensive end. Also, a good rebounder and a competitor.

Torrey Nibbs 6'1 Brownsburg
had a solid weekend. Nibbs has a great body/athleticism, good defender when he doesn't reach or gamble, terrific rebounder when playing the PG spot. He must improve handles, decision making, and consistently finish in the lane to be a D-1 player.

Tyler Greathouse 6'8 Columbus North is a flat out shooter who is adding a driving game. He has good post moves, but rarely posts. Aggressiveness, rebounding, and defense is holding him from being a mid-major prospect right now.

Indiana Elite-Team Indiana

Jeremiah Davis 6'3 Muncie Central is a strong, athletic combo guard who has been consistent from 3 this spring although it is a little slow. He does have a high release on it that helps when he shoots over people. Needs to improve decision making and handles against pressure.

Austin Etherington 6'6 Hamilton Heights is a long wing that can shoot it. He has had zero impact in two games against Spiece Select now. I'm not sure if they are in his head or if it is because he is being guarded by 6'4 quick wings that are good defensively. He is a match-up problem for nearly every team.

Dee Davis 5'10 Bloomington South is borderline unguardable at this level. The Xavier commit is quick, smart, can shoot, finds people well. Only negative that I can find is his height.

Deng Leek 7'0 is big and that is basically it. He has offers from Maryland, Syracuse, and NC State I believe. He is not very skilled or aggressive.

Vinny Zollo 6'8 Lexington (KY)hasn't gotten much love after his UK commitment fell through with the coaching change. He flat out gets after on the boards and is a solid defender. Right now, he is a solid mid-major to low-major prospect.

Indiana Elite One

Jalen Packer 6'1 Princeton is not the 6'4 I have seen him listed at by other sites. At most, he is 6'2 in shoes. Packer is what he is right now...he is a slasher that is looking to get to the rim to score, but he is a little too loose with the ball.

Matt Carlino 6'2 Bloomington South have been knocked by some because he is not a great shooter or a great athlete like Marquis Teague, but he is a solid athlete, slasher, creator for others, strong, and smart. Not a sexy recruit for the IU base, but he is solid.

Marshall Plumlee 6'11 NC Prep School via Warsaw
plays extremely hard and posts agressively. He appears to be a leader and that is rare from a big man. His upside is as big as his 6'11 frame.

Spencer Turner 6'2 Bloomington South is a shooter and not much else. Although, there are many guys in the NBA earning a lot of money that can only shoot. It is a matter of a right fit and right timing for what level he can play at. I think he is still a mid-major type of kid.

Johnny Marlin 5'10 Center Grove
is heady, quick, good competitor, solid shooter if left open. His height and weight is what might decide if he is a D2/NAIA player instead of a D-1 player.

Cody Zeller 6'9 Washington didn't play a lot when I saw him although he had 25 in a tournament bracket game. I would like him to really play inside and outside instead of just outside.

Justin Gant 6'8 Terre Haute North is a shooter and has decent handles. His stock has dropped a lot due to lack of aggressiveness, toughness, willingness to battle down low. If he does those types of things then he is a high-major player instead of a borderline mid-major to low-major player.

Indiana Select 2011

Spencer Comer 6'3 Rushville
is a D-1 athlete...explosive, good lateral movement. Needs to improve handles and shooting consistency.

Matt Schauss 6'3 Centerville is a shooter with good length to him. He can handle it a little bit, but can be shaky against pressure. Needs to pick up his intensity on the defensive end.

Jackson Renshaw 6'4 Columbus East is a combo guard with an "NBA body." That is an inside joke. He is a decent athlete, but not a great shooter or decision maker. If he improves those two areas then he is a D-1 player.

More to come soon!

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