Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall League-Week 2

This week, I got a chance to play against the two teams I didn't see play much last week and there were a few impressive performances.

Greg Dickey 5'11 Tipton
finished in the lane possession after possession and also hit a few shots from 3pt. land. He is a solid playmaker that can finish when he needs to like he did all night tonight.

Ethan Jacobs 7'0 Tipton continues to "wow" people with his range. He hit multiple 3's on the night and also ran the floor really well for a man his size.

Alexander Hutson 6'1 Tipton is streaky but he can go from cold to hot in a matter of a couple possessions and when he is on he is one of the better shooters I have ever seen.

Robbie Howell 6'5 Tri-Central
might be the surprise of the team. A good spot-up shooter to about 17 feet and the ability to put it on the floor and go by a defender.

DJ Ballentine 6'0 Kokomo can really shoot the basketball. The sophomore is also good at getting into the lane and creating shots although he did not do much of that tonight.

Evan Dodd 6'5 Columbus North is similar to Howell in build and style. Dodd is probably a little bit better shooting off the dribble right now than Howell is. Dodd hit multiple pull up jumpers from about 15 feet.

Tyler Greathouse 6'8 Columbus North struggled shooting a little bit tonight, but they all looked like they were going in on the release. He also posted up well a few times. He has good post moves, but he rarely displays them.

Michael Onuorah 6'2 Brebeuf
is a strong wing from Indianapolis. He rebounded well and also penetrated into the lane for a few lay-ups. I will plan to watch him more closely in the next few weeks.

Eric Harris 6'1 Lawrence North had the challenge of guarding Chrishawn Hopkins most of the game and did a good job overall. What surprised me was Harris' ability to score on Hopkins on the other end.

Eron Harris 6'0 Lawrence North hit a number of floaters and pull-up jumpers off the glass. He consistently beat defenders to the lane. It appears the sophomore needs to tighten up his range from 17 feet out.

Mark Fennerty 5'11 Carmel is known for his shooting ability and rightly so, but he uses his body really well to get defenders off of him in the lane and also has good vision to find teammates spotting up. Hopefully, he gets some good minutes for Carmel this year.

Jeff Sustarcic 6'1 Union County
showed his ability to knock down open 3's in the second game of the night. Sustarcic is also a solid defender from the guard spot. He is probably an NAIA-type recruit.

Steve Malone 6'1 Arlington has played well for me the first two weeks. Malone pressures opposing point guards and is a good shooter. He takes some undesired shots at points but overall he is a good, tough player.

Cody Rohrer 6'2 Arlington
is a bull/running back getting to the rim. He got to the rim and finished consistently tonight especially when baskets were needed. He is also a good spot-up shooter.

Brandon Burtner 5'11 Western Boone is a junior point guard and hit some big 3's tonight off of kick outs from Chrishawn Hopkins. Probably another D2/NAIA type of prospect.

Wade Thomas 6'8 Western Boone is a fast developing post. That being said, he still has a lot of weight to gain and a lot of skills to refine. He has a good looking 15 foot jumper, but it gets flat at times right now. He works hard and should continue to keep growing as a player. D2+ by the time he is done, he is a junior right now.