Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quick Update

I have been working basketball camps all June. It hasn't been the variety of camps I had expected, but that can be a good thing too. I have worked Butler's camp twice now and it just forms a better connection with their staff. That is probably more valuable than just meeting a bunch of random coaches. I have actually got to know them instead of just learning their name.

Camps are going well. I have a lot of patience so dealing with kids that don't necessarily want to be at a basketball camp isn't a big deal to me. I have really been working on the energy and enthusiasm I try to motivate my campers with. I'm a low-key, laid back guy but I need to be able to change gears and instill a high level of energy to my players at times and I have been working on that. It's almost acting where I'm overly enthusiastic and giving praise to get the players going...every coach needs to be able to do that.

IPFW camp...I was the only non IPFW player or coach to work the camp. It was weird in a way, but I really feel awkward so I didn't have a problem with it. I really didn't know any of the players or coaches other than Dane Fife before I got there. The staff was great and I look forward to staying in contact with them and hopefully making it to a few of their games this coming year.

On a side note, I am looking for a coaching website/forum where I can talk to coaches reguarly. I want to talk and read about basketball and coaching basketball 24/7 and there are very few websites for coaching. I've found one decent forum, but it's geared more towards youth coaching. Just looking for more options. Leave a comment if anyone knows of anything.