Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Overlooked Part of Rebounding

Every coach knows the importance of rebounding. All teams do rebounding drills. Coaches stress the importance of blocking out and pursuing the ball aggressively. Those are all important points of rebounding the basketball, but it is all wasted if the rebounder doesn't get the ball securely up the floor.

How many times have you seen a big man get a good rebound and then anxiously they try to get rid of the ball instead of being strong with it. I hate when big guys are afraid to chin the ball against pressure. They are so afraid of getting the ball stolen from them they end up making a bad outlet pass which results in a turnover.

I like rebounding drills that are live until a strong outlet is made to either a team or a coach depending on the drill. That enforces the importance of not only getting the ball, but also keeping possession of the basketball. They learn when they need to chin the ball and pivot against pressure and when they can just make a quick pass to a guard. Guards also learn when they can dribble the ball up and when they need to make a pass because a dribble could easily be stolen from behind.

Duke and UNC this week. Can life get better? :)