Monday, August 10, 2009

2012 Point Guard Rankings

Easily the deepest position in 2012 is the point guard spot. Especially if you put Gary Harris and Patrick Ingram as point guards. Both might be ranked as point guards in future rankings.

Again, I only rank players I have seen play so if I am missing someone that is probably the reason why they are not listed

Point Guards

1. D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera 6’3 North Central H- Can play 4 positions in high school and maybe 5 because he is so strong. Point guard is the position he will play at the higher levels. Crafty and competitive he just finds a way to get it done.
2. Yogi Ferrell 5’11 Park Tudor M+ Point guard that can score. Ferrell is very good with change of pace and hesitation moves. He has a good floater when he gets into the low. Becoming a three-point threat more consistently.
3. Kellon Thomas 5’10 Southport M Solid floor general, strong with the ball. Above average shooter needs to become a lights out shooter because I’m not sure if he has any growing left.
4. Harry Willis 6’1 Ben Davis M- Quick first step, good defender. Unsure of his outside shooting.
5. Logan Irwin 5’11 L Whitko M- Heady, strong point guard. Lacks the elite explosiveness right now.
6. D.J. Ballentine 5’10 Kokomo L+ Good shooter, finishes well in the lane.
7. D.J. Neal 5’11 Fort Wayne North L+
8. Ronnie Johnson 5’8 North Central L+
9. Mitch Yeagy 5’10 Alexandria L
10. Jacoby Bledsoe 5’10 Hamilton Southeastern L

2012 Shooting Guard Rankings

The guards in the 2012 class look like they could be really special. They have multiple high-major guys...Rafael Davis has already committed to Purdue.

Shooting Guards

1. Ron Patterson 6’3 Broad Ripple H Explosive, good shooter, can be a great defender when he wants to. Weakest part of his game is his ball handling although it is not bad…it needs to be tightened up a little bit.
2. Gary Harris 6’3 Hamilton Southeastern H Didn’t play in July when I saw his team playing. He is a long, solid shooting guard that can play the point.
3. Rafael Davis 6’5 Fort Wayne South M+ I’m not as high on Davis as others just because I think he is physically matured and he isn’t very explosive to me. If he grows a little bit more than he doesn’t need to be very explosive because he will be so big.
4. Patrick Ingram 6’0 North Central M Quick, water bug type with a good outside stroke.
5. Travis Britt 6’3 Culver Academy M Power guard that can really get up and down the floor.
6. Mike Ramey 6’3 Southport M-
7. R.J. Hunter 6’2 Pike M- Rail thin but can really shoot the ball also very long wingspan.

2012 Small Forward Rankings

The small forward position in 2012 could also be loaded depending on who you classify as a 3. You could make a case for Ron Patterson, Rafael Davis, Austin Burgett, Dejuan Marrero, and Travis Britt all being called a small forward. I decided to rank those guys in different positions for now.

Again, I only rank players that I have watched. That is why the list is relatively small.

Small Forwards

1. Jeremy Hollowell 6’6 Lawrence Central H Huge upside, extremely long, good outside shooter, gets to the rim from the perimeter at will. Struggles at time finishing at the rim, but strength should take care of that.
2. Rhett Smith 6’6 Sullivan M Most complete inside/outside player in the 2012 class that I’ve seen. Great post moves, very good pump fake and drive from the perimeter. A legit 6’5 if not taller, if he can get a couple more inches than his stock could really jump.
3. Mo Cross 6’3 Indianapolis Tech M
4. Jared Drew 6’4 Lawrence Central M- Good athleticism, gets to the rim at will right now, but can get out of control while driving.
5. Aloyis Gray 6’5 Brebeuf M- Extremely long, active rebounder.

2012 Power Forward Rankings

2012 is very deep in the 4 spot. If you classify Rhett Smith and Aloyis Gray as power forwards, which you could, then the position is very deep. I decided to put them as small forwards.

Again, I only rank kids I have seen play. That is why the list isn't very long.

Power Forwards

1. Austin Burgett 6’8 SF Avon H Can shoot, can put the ball on the floor, passes well, also rebounds. Added strength and aggressiveness could take his game to the next level, which is a very elite level.
2. Dejuan Marrero 6’6 SF Bowman M+ Active rebounder, good defensively, good motor. Doesn’t have many offensive skills right now.
3. Nick Osborne 6’6 PF Muncie Central M
4. Joel Smith 6’5 Heritage Christian L+
5. Brad Hartman 6’5 Union County L+
6. Jordan VanTreese 6’6 Lawrence North L+

2012 Center Rankings

This is basically a rough draft for my 2012 rankings. I'm confident in the guys I rank, but I haven't seen a ton of 2012 kids. I only rank kids I have seen play so the list is a bit small.


1. A.J. Hammons 6’10 Carmel H Great size mixed with a bit of a mean streak makes him a top level prospect.
2. Edward Seay 6’8 Merrillville M+ Game could really go to another level if he was more aggressive and played a little bit tougher.
3. Brent Calhoun 6’7 Warren Central M Big time potential. College coaches love lefty big men because it is easier for them to block shots.
4. Keith Cochran 6’9 Bluffton M Very thin right now, strength would boost his game a lot.