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Sunday, January 10, 2010

2011 Overall Rankings (TOP 43)

I would like to start off by saying I hate overall rankings. They are rarely relevant. I prefer to compare players of the same position or at least guards vs. guards and post guys vs. post guys.

I would also like to remind people my rankings are mainly based on college potential and not current skill level. They are connected in some situations, but college potential is my main objective.

H=High major H- = High major Stretch
M+ = Mid-major, higher possibly, M=Mid-major, M- =Mid-major stretch
L+ = Low major, higher possibly, L= Low-major, L- = Low-major stretch/D2/NAIA

1. Marquis Teague 6’2 Pike H One of the top players in the country for his class. Explosive, solid shooter, good handles. Can question his focus at times.
2. Branden Dawson 6’7 Gary Wallace H Athletic, good motor, okay shooter. Would like him to improve shooting
3. Cody Zeller 6’9 Washington H A Zeller nuff said. Runs well, shoots well, passes well. If he adds a dribble game to his offense he will go high major
4. Michael Chandler 6’11 Lawrence North H Big man with solid hands, runs pretty well, aggressive for a young big man. Will he continue to work on his game or be happy for what he has got?
5. Mitch McGary 6’9 Chesterton H Great touch around the basket, good shooting form to 18 feet, quick/good feet. Decent handles for 6’9.
6. Jeremiah Davis 6’3 Muncie Central H Power guard, athletic, solid set shot from the perimeter. Needs to improve his decision making.
7. Austin Etherington 6’6 Hamilton Heights M+ Shooter, long wingspan, still trying to get back to where he was before surgery. Lateral quickness is a question for the high majors.
8. Dee Davis 5’10 Bloomington South M+ Great decision maker, good handles, good outside shooter, quick but not lightning quick. Height might hold him back from being an elite PG.
9. Matt Carlino 6’2 Bloomington South H- quick, smart, strong, slasher that is looking to pass first. Not a great shooter, but has time to improve that. Committed to IU
10. Ryan Taylor 6’5 Lawrence North H- Strong and athletic right now. Needs to be more consistent from the outside.
11. Justin Gant 6’8 Terre Haute North M+ Solid set shooter from outside, good length, skilled. Needs to be more aggressive and improve handles.
12. Steven Jamison 6’4 Broad Ripple M+ Long, streaky shooter, okay handles, good motor. More consistency from perimeter shooting would make him a great mid-major prospect.
13. Spencer Turner 6’2 Bloomington South M Best shooter in the class, strong, smart player. Would like him to develop into more of a PG unless he grows.
14. Zac VanDeWater 6’5 Whitko M Good shooter, solid handles, good defender although not super quick. Some muscle might improve his game greatly.
15. Rontray Chavis 6’4 Princeton M Skilled tweener, quick, athletic, solid body. Gets a bit out of control at times.
16. Jalen Packer 6’2 Princeton M Slashing point guard, long, leads well. Needs to get a little tighter with the ball and add a mid-range to long-range shooting game.
17. Nic Moore 5’10 Warsaw M- Solid shooter, strong although small, finishes well in the lane. Needs to be a knock down shooter so he can run an offense and knock down 3’s if he is left open.
18. Kendal Griffin 6’4 Avon M Good shooter, rebounds well from a SG/SF. Would like him to handle it better and make better decisions at times.
19. Isiah Hill 6’10 Howe M- Huge kid, doesn’t run too well. Has been out most of the spring
20. Tyler Greathouse 6’8 Columbus North M- Good outside shooter, good post moves. Needs to be more aggressive offensively and rebounding.
21. Greg Dickey 5’11 Tipton M- Feisty, good worker, solid with the ball. Good spot up shooter with great range.
22. Alexander Hutson 6’1 Tipton M- Shooter, deceptively athletic, solid vision. Would like better ball handling and better defense without so much unwarranted gambling
23. Demtrius Lawson 6’1 Zionsville M- Strong, athletic, good looking jumper to 20 feet, solid handles, unselfish. Very similar body to Jeremiah Davis.
24. Jonny Marlin 5’11 Center Grove L+ Smart, solid shooter, good ball handler. Would like him to be more aggressive offensively but he runs a team well,would like him to add some muscle.
25. Tyler Hall 6’2 Danville M- Smart, pass first, good defender. More consistency from the outside is needed.
26. Chandler Thomas 6’5 Cathedral L+ Very good post player, good athlete, strong. Needs to become a wing.
27. Ken Mullen 5'11 Fort Wayne Luers L+ Strong, good defender. Can get to the rim on most guards and finishes well when he does. Outside shot is questionable
28. P.J. Boutte 5’10 Howe L+ Quick, flashy, decent shooter. Needs to make better decisions
29. Brian Stolarz 6’4 Munster L+ Strong, good jumper, good set shooter, good rebounder. Not great with the ball…needs to improve ball-handling and overall perimeter skills.
30. Joe Crisman 6’4 Munster L+ Shooter, strong, tough, good defender. Needs to tighten up handles
31. Jordan Hahn 5’10 New Castle L+ Leader, good decision maker,good defender at this level, improving shooter. Needs to handle intense ball pressure better
32. Matt Schauss 6’2 Centerville L+ Lights out shooter, long, okay handles. Probably not big enough to be a pure shooting guard at the D-1 level and probably not quick enough to be a pure point guard. Lacks great intensity at most times.
33. Chandler Guion 6’1 Lapel L+
34. Spencer Comer 6’3 Rushville L+ Great lateral quickness, strong, good motor, works very hard, good leader. Needs better handles and consistency from the outside.
35. Jon Trawick 6’2 Richmond L Strong, athletic, good set shooter. Needs to improve ball handling and defense
36. Kenny Enoch 6’3 Howe M- Solid athlete, pretty long, good motor.
37. Alex Prichett 6’6 Bedford North L Finishes well, solid body. Needs to improve post moves and expand range. He recently picked up an offer from Wright State
38. Austin Richie 6’2 Lowell L+ Shooter, skinny as a rail, decent handles but more of an undersized shooting guard right now. Reportedly offered by Valpo recently…also scored 50 points against Hammond recently.
39. Brandon Muncie 6'4 Lawrence North L+ Athletic, long windspan. If he can build his game around his great athleticism he could be very good.
40. Andy Smeathers 6’5 Center Grove L+ Shooter with good length
41. Conner Rich 6’3 Tipton L+ Pure shooter with legit range to 24 feet. Lacks great lateral quickness, but has good length. I’d put him as the 2nd best shooter behind Spencer Turner.
42. Robbie Howell 6’5 Tri-Central L Versatile small forward that has a very good mid-range game although with good strength
43. Brandon Ledford 5'11 Decatur Central L- Slashing pass first point guard or looking to finish in the lane.

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Marquis Teague is a very talented player I knew he would top. game sportswear