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Monday, May 18, 2009

AMC Report-Part 3

Dominique Ferguson SYF-Handled the ball a lot as he wants to become a SG and he handled it ok, but he never just takes the pass and makes an explosive move. He dribbles the ball forever before making a move although when he did finally go somewhere he was effective with it.

Andre Hampton SYF-Streaky shooter that was hot for most of the weekend. He is athletic enough to play SG but he is small for that position at the mid-major and higher levels. I'm not sold that he could play the point.

Jesse Berry SYF-Did more distributing of the ball this weekend and less scoring. He made solid plays down the stretch against EG10. A Butler commitment might be coming soon is the rumor I am hearing.

Xavier Jones SYF
-Athletic, but didn't show much else. He drove a lot and came up empty on most attempts. Jones did not do much vs. Eric Gordon All-Stars.

Terrone Johnson Eric Gordon All-Stars
-He was very good this weekend. Johnson drove a lot more than I had seen from him in the past which would be a good option to go with his shooting ability. Very strong.

Jake Kitchell SYF-Athletic big man, but not a super athlete. Not enough of an athlete to make up for his lack of offensive skills set. He was not a threat offensively from any range this weekend. Could be a good low to mid-major player.

Enique Mason SYF-Mason has lost some weight and moved a little bit better than he did in the past. He has a lot of work to do to make the D-1 level. He plays too soft at this point.

Jan Maehlan SYF-Jan also looks to be in better shape. He has some skills although they are limited. He could be a good low to mid-major player if he keeps working like it appears he is.

Roddy Richardson Eric Gordon All-Stars-Roddy is a shooter at a strong 6'2 with a great motor. He is the type of guy I want on my team. He does whatever it takes to win.

Johnny Marlin Indiana Elite One-Smart, steady, small, shooter when open, sneaky...okay I only put sneaky because I wanted more alliteration in the description. He is undersized, but looks like a low major to D2 prospect right now.

Matt Carlino Indiana Elite One- Carlino defended Irving really well. He is quicker than he looks. He penetrated the ball very well and made great passes by the seeing the floor really well. He definitely needs to improve his shooting at least to the mid-range. A lot of IU fans were on hand to see him play this weekend and most left disappointed in his game. He should be pretty darn good by the time he arrives on campus if he keeps working hard and stays focused.

AMC-Report 2

This AMC report is from observations that I saw on Saturday mainly. I watched games from 8am to 11pm with only a break to drive from game site to game site. It was a very good day of basketball.

Kyrie Irving NJ Roadrunners-Irving did not have the explosion that I saw in Pittsburgh. It was like he was sick, injured or just really tired. He was still pretty good but he wasn't crazy impressive. It was more flashes of brilliance instead of the constant wow plays he made in Pitt.

Cody Zeller Indiana Elite One-Zeller just like his brothers runs the floor really well. He also made some very good passes. He is still a work in-progress but that progress is being made very quickly. I expect that at this time next year he is going to be a great player.

Marshall Plumlee Indiana Elite One
-Plumlee might be more raw than Zeller. Plumlee had an impressive rip and drive to the baseline that was a flash into what he could possibly develop into. Right now, he dominates the boards and blocks shots for IE One. He is hyped as the best Plumlee unfortunately I did not see his brothers when they were his age.

Spencer Turner IE ONE-Spencer shot it really well from 3 in the game that I saw. He is smart with the ball although he is definitely looking to shoot the ball any time he touches, but that's not too much of a problem with his shooting ability. He is a decent defender because he understands the game and anticipates things well right now. His strength is also a plus for him. Quickness is the question to decide what level he can defend at in college.

One correction from my Run N Slam report. Alex Gauna was not at the game when we played him therefore he could not have dominated us. The guy that I thought was Gauna was actually Matt Kamienicki.

Keith Appling Michigan Mustangs-Appling dominated the game by constantly breaking his man down 1 on 1 and getting to the rim then finishing every time he got into the lane. He also showed he was fantastic from the mid-range. He isn't very tall but he is so explosive laterally and vertically he makes up for it easily.

Alex Gauna Michigan Mustangs-The Michigan State commit is a beast in the lane. Strong and a legit 6'9 with good touch around the basket. He also looks like he has a solid face-up game up to 16 feet. He should be a good one for Coach Izzo.

Matt Kamienicki Michigan Mustangs-I really like Kamienicki's game. He plays mostly on the perimeter and can shoot it very well. He also can post up and dominate smaller defends depending on the match-up. I think he is a great mid-major player and possibly higher.

Griffin Mckenzie Eric Gordon All-Stars- Great game vs. SoCal All-Stars. He is decently athletic for a big guy and also has range to the 3point range. He should be a perfect fit for a good mid-major program.

Ron Patterson Spiece Indy Stars-Patterson continues to impress as he dominated the game that I saw. He had a stretch where he scored 13 straight points in the second half by scoring from all over the court and showing his complete game. Explosive off the dribble and great range...tough to defend.

Jordan Manual Eric Gordon-Manual shot the ball well this weekend. Does he have any post game? I didn't see it. Is he a true 3 at the next level especially at the high major level? I do not think so but he could develop into it. He is so long that he could definitely bother wings when he guards them just with his length alone. He talks way too much on the court to opponents.

P.J. Hubertz Indiana Elite (Fox)-Hubertz can flat out shoot it from 3. One of the best in the class of 2010 for the state of Indiana. He is ok handling the ball but not great and he rarely looks to get to the rim.

Ronald Ross Indiana Elite (Fox)
-Ross is a strong wing. He is explosive off the dribble and can score with ease at the rim. I want to see more of Ross to see what exactly he can and can't do.

This is about the half way point for Saturday. I need a break so this will be continued later today.