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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hoosier Shootout Notes Day 3

The third day of the Hoosier Shootout brought some impressive performances to the table.

Spiece Indy Heat-Betts/Quarrels

Yogi Ferrell 5'11 PG Park Tudor has separated himself from the rest of the 2012 Indiana point guards and is rising in the overall rankings. He is shooting the ball consistently, getting into the lane at will, finishing with floaters and reverse lay-ups. He might be a high-major prospect.

Ethan Jacobs 7'0 C Tipton was impressive in the first half of their semi-final victory. He was really active rebounding, hedging screens, blocking shots. He also had a good finish where he cut from the 3pt. line on the baseline to the rim and caught the ball outside the lane. He then did a slide by move around a help side defender and finished off the glass. He is a great pickup for Ohio.

Khristian Smith 6'4 SF Pike played with a lot of energy and looked very good on defense. He is a low to mid-major prospect...mid-major when he defends like he did today.

Spiece Fastbreak

Kenny Enoch 6'3 SG Howe shot the ball very well today. He gets overshadowed at times, but he is a very solid player. Probably a low to mid-major prospect right now.

Ryan Taylor 6'5 SF Lawrence North showed more perimeter skills today than I thought he had. He handled it against pressure a little and hit a couple shots from 3. It looks like he will make the transition from power forward to small forward in the Big East.

P.J. Boutee 5'9 PG Howe
leads the nation in spin dribbles per game. It is amazing how many times he spins during a makes me dizzy just watching. Overall, he is quick and usually pretty good with the ball but will try to do too much at times.

Colin Lynch 6'3 SG Roncali can flat out shoot the ball. Quick release and can put it on the floor a little bit. He doesn't get many minutes because of a wing loaded roster.

Indiana Select Blue

Conner Rich 6'3 SF Tipton is a great shooter. He might have the purest stroke in the 2011 class. He struggles moving laterally against quick players and doesn't handle the ball particularly well. He needs to improve those areas to be a D-1 player.

Mark Fennerty 6'0 PG Carmel needs to get playing time at Carmel. He is heady, surprisingly quick, great shooter. He is a little undersized, but he makes up for it in toughness. He is a small school prospect right now. I could see him being great at an NAIA program.