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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2011 Combo Guard Rankings

The 2011 class has so many guards and so many guards that aren't really point guards or shooting guards. I decided to make a special combo guard ranking for them. Most of the players listed need to become point guards to play at the level I have forecasted for them.

H=High major H- = High major Stretch
M+ = Mid-major, higher possibly, M=Mid-major, M- =Mid-major stretch
L+ = Low major, higher possibly, L= Low-major, L- = Low-major stretch/D2/NAIA

1. Jeremiah Davis 6’3 Muncie Central H Power guard, athletic,can get to the rim at will right now, solid set shot from the perimeter. Needs to improve his decision making.
2. Alexander Hutson 6’1 Tipton M- Shooter, deceptively athletic, solid vision. Would like better ball handling and better defense without so much unwarranted gambling.
3. Demtrius Lawson 6’1 Zionsville M Strong, athletic, good looking jumper to 20 feet, solid handles, unselfish. Very similar body to Jeremiah Davis.
4. Tyler Hall 6’2 Danville M- Smart, pass first, good defender. More consistency from the outside is needed.
5. Matt Schauss 6’2 Centerville L+ Lights out shooter, long, okay handles. Probably not big enough to be a pure shooting guard at the D-1 level and probably not quick enough to be a pure point guard. Lacks great intensity at most times.
6. Spencer Comer 6’3 Rushville L+ Great lateral quickness, strong, good motor, works very hard, good leader. Needs better handles and consistency from the outside.
7. Anthony Williams 6’1 East Chicago L+ Shooter, tough defender
8. Torrey Nibbs 6’1 Brownsburg L+ Athlete, great first step, strong. Needs to improve handles, decision making and shooting
9. Eric Harris 6’2 Lawrence North L+ Long, crafty, great rebounder for a guard. Needs to improve handles and more consistent shooting. I would like him to become a pure point guard.
10. Brandon Dunaway 6’1 Corydon Central Does a lot of things well…shooting, ball handling, court vision, but nothing exceptionally

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