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Monday, August 6, 2007

Long time, no post

Well let's see...I was in Florida for about a week and a half for two AAU tournaments. It was fun, learned a few things but it was a long time to be on the road. We did pretty well in the two tournaments. The same types of mistakes were the team's downfall in every game. Basketball is a very simple game in which poor fundamentals hurt you immensely. Poor fundamentals do not allow you to beat teams that are more talented than your team or teams that are very similar in talent/skill. Poor fundamentals are a habit though just like having good fundamentals. They are hard to change once you do things a certain way for many years. It's something that you have to really concentrate on to correct. Those mistakes have probably costs a couple of our guards scholarship offers, not saying that they won't get them later but for now they are lower on the list than they should be.

Currently, I am getting ready to move, looking for a new part-time job that will work with my school schedule and possibly a coaching job, but I'm also looking for a coaching job and still setting up my school for the fall. Moving won't be bad because I don't have many big things so I'm not too worried about that. The job is what I am worried about. I need to find something with flexible hours and good pay. Good pay is a tough thing to find in Indiana. All of the surrounding states have a minimum wage of $7+/hr while Indiana is at $5.35. It is ridiculous. Indiana is about 5 years beyond on everything, fashion, beliefs, everything basically. It a good thing we have perfect weather or no one would ever want to live here! ha!

P.S. I'm glad Tiger Woods won SportsCenter's Who's Now segment. It was possibly the worst SportsCenter segment ever and I'm just glad it's over. Hopefully, they never do that again. Just stick to highlights and Kenny Mayne will be a lot better!