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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2011 Power Forward Rankings

The power forward position in the 2011 class is loaded. McGary, Zeller, Gant, and Greathouse are all over 6'8 and are all very versatile players. I'm probably higher on McGary than most. I'm not quite sold on Zeller, but judging by how quickly he has improved over the last 3 years he should be the best player of the Zeller family. I am probably lower on Gant than a lot of people mainly because I wish he was more aggressive. If he picks up his aggressiveness on defense and rebounding than his game would go to a new level. Greathouse has all the necessary skills to be a perimeter 4 man. He doesn't always show his skills though.

1. Mitch McGary 6’9 Chesterton H Great touch around the basket, good shooting form to 18 feet, quick/good feet. Solid handles at a true 6’9.
2. Cody Zeller 6’10 Washington H- A Zeller nuff said. Runs well, shoots well, passes well. Developing quickly, but still ranked mainly off of potential. He has made huge strides since last summer and I expect him to continue that type of development.
3. Justin Gant 6’8 Terre Haute North M+ Solid set shooter from outside, good length, skilled. Aggressive/toughness on the defensive end and while rebounding will decide what level he plays.
4. Tyler Greathouse 6’8 Columbus North M Great outside shooter, good post moves but would rather be on the outside. Very similar to Justin Gant, Greathouse needs to be more aggressive offensively and rebounding.
5. Alex Prichett 6’6 Bedford North L Finishes well, solid body. Needs to improve post moves and expand range. He recently picked up an offer from Wright State
6. Ricky Carbajal 6’6 Munster L Tough rebounder, physical, decent touch around the rim. Decent jumping ability. Can handle the ball a little bit..
7. Dontray Chavis 6’4 Princeton L+ Skilled tweener, quick, athletic, solid body. Can put the ball on the floor from the perimeter to get to the basket. Gets a bit out of control at times and more of a power forward than his brother. It appears that Dontray has rejoined the Princeton team after he went a few weeks ago.
8. Dedric Griffin 6’4 North Central L Finishes well against bigger guys
9. Tim Simmons 6’6 Pike L+ Good post moves, decent shooter, best thing going for him is his body...looks like a grown man
10. Robert Pittman 6’7 Washington L Athletic, can put it on the floor a little bit. Needs to improve all around game.
11. Beecher Ward 6’4 Indianapolis Tech D2 Athletic post, can guard a 3 or 4 at D2 level
12. Brandon Herbert 6’6 Rushville D2 Good rebounder, good motor. Needs to improve shooting range and become more of a PF instead of pure center.
13. Colin Bowles 6’7 Franklin Central D2 Good motor, great timing for shot blocking. Needs to improve offensive game.
14. Armond Patterson 6’5 Broad Ripple D2
15. Dakota Slaughter 6’6 Fishers L
16. Jeremy Reed 6’6 Lapel L
17. Matt Howard 6’5 Carmel D2 Good pick and pop shooter, decent athlete. Good small college prospect if he gets playing time at Carmel.
18. Randy Gregory 6’5 Hamilton Southeastern D2
19. Jon Thompson 6’3 Rushville D3 Insanely effective in high school and even in AAU due to his shot fakes and the way he uses his body. He does have a good set shot to 20 feet, but I think D3 is the highest he can play in college.
20. Kevin Fisher 6’5 Huntington D3 Strong, good worker, decent mid-range jumper

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