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Monday, July 27, 2009

Orlando Update

I've been in Orlando for a full 24 hours now. It has been pretty laid back with lots of stories being told in our "coaches suite" that we have.

I've only watched a few games and only one game involving an Indiana team. I'm in the process of re-ranking all my players and working on new evaluations if necessary. There isn't a lot of movement in my rankings, but I think there is a need for slight adjusting.

I do my rankings based on current skill set and potential for development and potential of their game translating well to the next level. Some things just do not translate well from level to level.

I'll have more updates tomorrow night as I expect to get some solid game watching in tomorrow. Tuesday will probably be a full day of observing games. Then tournament play begins in the 17U AAU Nationals.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm sitting in the Indy Airport as we speak on my way to Chicago and then heading to Orlando. It will make for a long evening, but that is expected when you are "ballin on a budget" as some would say.

AAU Nationals is the tournament I am going down to coach in. The actual AAU tournaments have seen a decline in attendance in recent years. The national tournament is still attended pretty well, but they fill in a lot of spots with Florida teams. The state tournament is almost dead in Indiana. Lots of teams use out of state players and too many players on their team are grade exceptions to compete in the state tournament.

Also, most teams opt to go to Vegas in July so they have no reason to play in the state tournament other than bragging rights. Most don't want to go through the paperwork to compete in what works out to be a one weekend tournament (if they aren't going to go to the national tournament if they qualify).

Orlando is a good set-up with a good amount of courts in one location. Vegas is spread out a lot and a good portion of game sites only have one or two courts. Orlando also has the Nike Showcase tournament the week before the National tournament which allows teams to stay in one location for 10 days which makes travel easier.

Time to board!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

2011 Center Rankings

True Centers are hard to find especially in Indiana. I tried to limit who I put into this category because most kids are more like Power Forwards than they are Centers.

2011 Centers

1. Michael Chandler 6’11 Lawrence North H Big man with solid hands, runs pretty well, aggressive for a young big man. Will he continue to work on his game or be happy for what he has got?
2. Tony Springmann 6’7 Fort Wayne Dwenger M+ Powerful big man, great motor and rebounder, solid shot to 14 feet. A face-up game would shoot him up the rankings.
3. Isiah Hill 6’10 Howe M- Huge kid, doesn’t run too well. Has been out most of the spring.
4. Ben Davisson 6’9 Renesselar Central L+ Huge body, huge hands, decent touch around the basket. No range, struggles when he puts the ball on the floor in the post.
5. Alec Peterson 6’9 Carmel L Long, finishes okay in the lane. Plays uber passively and without much energy.
6. Wade Thomas 6’8 Western Boone L+ Super raw, good motor, plays with energy, good form on shot to 15 feet. Just needs experience and work on post game along with added strength.

2011 Power Forward Rankings

2011 Power Forward Rankings

1. Mitch McGary 6’9 Chesterton H Great touch around the basket, good shooting form to 18 feet, quick/good feet. Grades are a question mark for him.
2. Cody Zeller 6’8 Washington M+ A Zeller nuff said. Runs well, shoots well, passes well. If he adds a dribble game to his offense he will go high major.
3. Justin Gant 6’8 Terre Haute North M+ Solid set shooter from outside, good length, skilled. Needs to be more aggressive and improve handles.
4. Tyler Greathouse 6’8 Columbus North M Good outside shooter, good post moves. Needs to be more aggressive offensively and rebounding.
5. Tim Simmons 6’6 Pike L+ Good post moves, decent shooter, best thing going for him is his body...looks like a grown man.
6. Rontray Chavis 6’4 Princeton L+ Skilled tweener, quick, athletic, solid body. Gets a bit out of control at times and more of a power forward than his brother.
7. Robert Pittman 6’7 Washington L Athletic, can put it on the floor a little bit. Needs to improve all around game.
8. Brandon Herbert 6’6 Rushville L Good rebounder, good motor. Needs to improve shooting range and become more of a PF instead of pure center.
9. Colin Bowles 6’7 Franklin Central L Good motor, great timing for shot blocking. Needs to improve offensive game.
10. Alex Prichett 6’6 Bedford North L Finishes well, solid body. Needs to improve post moves

2011 Shooting Guard Rankings

2011 Shooting Guards

1. Zac VanDeWater 6’5 Whitko M+ Good shooter, solid handles, good defender although not super quick. Some muscle might improve his game greatly.
2. Kendal Griffin 6’4 Avon M+ Good shooter, rebounds well from a SG/SF, very fast up and down the floor, solid athlete. Would like him to handle it better and make better decisions at times.
3. Spencer Turner 6’2 Bloomington South M Best shooter in the class, strong, smart player. Would like him to develop into more of a PG unless he grows.
4. Kenny Enoch 6’3 M- Howe Solid athlete, pretty long, good motor, good set shooter.
5. Evan Blackmon 6’1 Fort Wayne Luers L+ Explosive athlete, streaky shooter. Needs to be better with the ball i.e. limit turnovers and run an offense more often to become a point guard.
6. Chris Page 6’3 Plainfield L Solid length, good finisher inside, good shooter. Needs to improve ball handling
7. Colin Lynch 6’3 Roncali L Slasher, good set shooter, okay athlete. Needs to tighten up handles and passing a bit.

2011 Small Forward Rankings

Continuing my update of 2011 rankings, this time I have the small forward position.

2011 Small Forwards

1. Branden Dawson 6’5 Gary Wallace H Athletic, good motor, finishes well in traffic against contact, okay shooter. Would like him to improve shooting.
2. Ryan Taylor 6’5 Lawrence North H- Strong and athletic right now. Needs to be more consistent from the outside and has been so far this summer.
3. Austin Etherington 6’6 Hamilton Heights M+ Shooter, long wingspan, still trying to get back to where he was before surgery. Lateral quickness is a question but has picked up offers from Indiana, Xavier, and Oklahoma State.
4. Dontray Chavis 6’4 Princeton M+ Skilled tweener(small forwad and power forward), quick, athletic, solid body, has some range to his jumper. Gets a bit out of control at times.
5. Stevie Jamison 6’4 Broad Ripple M+ Long, streaky shooter, okay handles, good motor. More consistency from perimeter shooting would make him a great mid-major or higher prospect.
6. Chandler Thomas 6’5 Howe L+ Very good post player, good athlete, strong. Needs to become a wing.
7. Brian Stolarz 6’4 Munster L+ Strong, good jumper, okay set shooter, good rebounder. Not great with the ball…needs to improve ball-handling and overall perimeter skills.
8. Brandon Muncie 6'4 Lawrence North L+ Athletic, long windspan. If he can build his game around his great athleticism he could be very good.
9. Jackson Renshaw 6'4 Columbus East L+ Strong, solid athlete, decent ball-handling skills. Needs to improve consistency on jumper and decision making.
10. Levi Garner 6'4 Edgewood L Strong, good penetrating skills. Lacks a consistent jumper.
11. Jon Trawick 6’2 Richmond L Strong, athletic, good set shooter. Needs to improve ball handling and defense.
12. Dwight Cliff 6’3 Ben Davis L Strong, good set shooter, solid rebounder. Needs to improve ball handling on drives and shooting off the dribble.

Friday, July 17, 2009

2011 Combo Guard Rankings

I have never been a big fan of the term "combo guard" because usually it is just a scoring point guard or a shooting guard that can't shoot. 2010 has a ton of combo guard types and I decided to put everyone in that category together and rank them.

2011 Combo Guards

1. Jeremiah Davis 6’3 Muncie Central H Power guard, athletic,can get to the rim at will right now, solid set shot from the perimeter. Needs to improve his decision making.
2. Alexander Hutson 6’1 Tipton M- Shooter, deceptively athletic, solid vision. Would like better ball handling and better defense without so much unwarranted gambling.
3. Matt Schauss 6’2 Centerville L+ Lights out shooter, long, okay handles. Probably not big enough to be a pure shooting guard at the D-1 level and probably not quick enough to be a pure point guard. Lacks great intensity at most times.
4. Spencer Comer 6’3 Rushville L+ Great lateral quickness, strong, good motor, works very hard, good leader. Needs better handles and consistency from the outside.
5. Torrey Nibbs 6’1 Brownsburg L+ Athlete, great first step, strong. Needs to improve handles, decision making and shooting.
6. Eric Harris 6’2 Lawrence North L+ Long, crafty, good rebounder. Needs to improve handles and more consistent shooting.
7. Max Landis 6’0 Perry Meridian L Good shooter, finishes well in the lane, decent handles. Not a great defender, would like him to add some muscle.
8. Tyler Hall 6’2 Danville L Smart, pass first, good defender. More consistency from the outside is needed.

2011 Point Guard Rankings

Updated rankings after the first evaluation period. Although, how well a guy is playing is an indication of where they will be ranked, I'm still trying to keep it to who will be the best long-term. I'm still trying to combine current skill set and potential for the rankings.

2011 Point Guards

1. Marquis Teague 6’2 Pike H One of the top players in the country for his class. Explosive, solid shooter, good handles. Can question his focus at times.
2. Dee Davis 5’10 Bloomington South M+ Great decision maker, good handles, good outside shooter, quick but not lightning quick. Height might hold him back from being an elite PG.
3. Matt Carlino 6’2 Bloomington South H- quick, smart, strong, slasher that is looking to pass first. Not a great shooter, but has time to improve that.
4. Jalen Packer 6’2 Princeton M Slashing point guard, long, leads well. Needs to get a little tighter with the ball and add a mid-range to long-range shooting game.
5. Nic Moore 5’10 Warsaw M Solid shooter, strong although small, finishes well in the lane. Needs to be a knock down shooter so he can run an offense and knock down 3’s if he is left open
6. P.J. Boutee 5’10 Howe L+ Quick, flashy, decent shooter. Needs to make better decisions at times.
7. Ken Mullens 5'11 Fort Wayne Luers L+ strong, good defender. Needs some work on the offensive end.
8. Jordan Hahn 5’10 New Castle L+ Leader, good decision maker,good defender at this level, improving shooter. Needs to handle intense ball pressure better
9. Jonny Marlin 5’11 Center Grove L+ Smart, solid shooter, good ball handler. Would like him to be more aggressive offensively but he runs a team well,would like him to add some muscle.
10. Greg Dickey 5’11 Tipton L Feisty, good worker, solid with the ball. Downside is height and not a lights out shooter
11. Brandon Ledford 5'11 Decatur Central L slashing pass first point guard or looking to finish in the lane.
12. Christian Ford 5’10 Pike L Score first PG, very good penetrator. Will get out of control and force bad shots


I have been gone for the last week or so with AAU tournaments and I worked another Xavier basketball camp.

I plan on finishing my Kentucky Hoopfest recap and updating my rankings. I know I have changed my 2011 rankings and my 2012 rankings. I will get these things finalized and posted later this afternoon/tonight.

Hope everyone is enjoying their July. I know I am!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kentucky Hoop Fest Recap 2011

I'm going to break my recap into classes and then by team for easier navigating and comprehension of teams and players.

Spiece Select 2011

Tony Springmann 6'8 Fort Wayne Dwenger showed numerous moves and finishes with his left hand this week. It is a given that he is going to rebound and play strong inside. Needs to continue to develop offensive game.

Zac VanDeWater 6'4 Whitko is a legit 6'4 wing that can shoot, move laterally well, very good rebounder from a guard spot. I put him as a mid-major plus right now.

Kendal Griffin 6'4 Avon
is very similar to VanDeWater but faster north and south although probably slower laterally on the defensive end. Also, a good rebounder and a competitor.

Torrey Nibbs 6'1 Brownsburg
had a solid weekend. Nibbs has a great body/athleticism, good defender when he doesn't reach or gamble, terrific rebounder when playing the PG spot. He must improve handles, decision making, and consistently finish in the lane to be a D-1 player.

Tyler Greathouse 6'8 Columbus North is a flat out shooter who is adding a driving game. He has good post moves, but rarely posts. Aggressiveness, rebounding, and defense is holding him from being a mid-major prospect right now.

Indiana Elite-Team Indiana

Jeremiah Davis 6'3 Muncie Central is a strong, athletic combo guard who has been consistent from 3 this spring although it is a little slow. He does have a high release on it that helps when he shoots over people. Needs to improve decision making and handles against pressure.

Austin Etherington 6'6 Hamilton Heights is a long wing that can shoot it. He has had zero impact in two games against Spiece Select now. I'm not sure if they are in his head or if it is because he is being guarded by 6'4 quick wings that are good defensively. He is a match-up problem for nearly every team.

Dee Davis 5'10 Bloomington South is borderline unguardable at this level. The Xavier commit is quick, smart, can shoot, finds people well. Only negative that I can find is his height.

Deng Leek 7'0 is big and that is basically it. He has offers from Maryland, Syracuse, and NC State I believe. He is not very skilled or aggressive.

Vinny Zollo 6'8 Lexington (KY)hasn't gotten much love after his UK commitment fell through with the coaching change. He flat out gets after on the boards and is a solid defender. Right now, he is a solid mid-major to low-major prospect.

Indiana Elite One

Jalen Packer 6'1 Princeton is not the 6'4 I have seen him listed at by other sites. At most, he is 6'2 in shoes. Packer is what he is right now...he is a slasher that is looking to get to the rim to score, but he is a little too loose with the ball.

Matt Carlino 6'2 Bloomington South have been knocked by some because he is not a great shooter or a great athlete like Marquis Teague, but he is a solid athlete, slasher, creator for others, strong, and smart. Not a sexy recruit for the IU base, but he is solid.

Marshall Plumlee 6'11 NC Prep School via Warsaw
plays extremely hard and posts agressively. He appears to be a leader and that is rare from a big man. His upside is as big as his 6'11 frame.

Spencer Turner 6'2 Bloomington South is a shooter and not much else. Although, there are many guys in the NBA earning a lot of money that can only shoot. It is a matter of a right fit and right timing for what level he can play at. I think he is still a mid-major type of kid.

Johnny Marlin 5'10 Center Grove
is heady, quick, good competitor, solid shooter if left open. His height and weight is what might decide if he is a D2/NAIA player instead of a D-1 player.

Cody Zeller 6'9 Washington didn't play a lot when I saw him although he had 25 in a tournament bracket game. I would like him to really play inside and outside instead of just outside.

Justin Gant 6'8 Terre Haute North is a shooter and has decent handles. His stock has dropped a lot due to lack of aggressiveness, toughness, willingness to battle down low. If he does those types of things then he is a high-major player instead of a borderline mid-major to low-major player.

Indiana Select 2011

Spencer Comer 6'3 Rushville
is a D-1 athlete...explosive, good lateral movement. Needs to improve handles and shooting consistency.

Matt Schauss 6'3 Centerville is a shooter with good length to him. He can handle it a little bit, but can be shaky against pressure. Needs to pick up his intensity on the defensive end.

Jackson Renshaw 6'4 Columbus East is a combo guard with an "NBA body." That is an inside joke. He is a decent athlete, but not a great shooter or decision maker. If he improves those two areas then he is a D-1 player.

More to come soon!

Kentucky Hoop Fest Recap Coming!

Recap later tonight!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hoosier Shootout Notes Day 3

The third day of the Hoosier Shootout brought some impressive performances to the table.

Spiece Indy Heat-Betts/Quarrels

Yogi Ferrell 5'11 PG Park Tudor has separated himself from the rest of the 2012 Indiana point guards and is rising in the overall rankings. He is shooting the ball consistently, getting into the lane at will, finishing with floaters and reverse lay-ups. He might be a high-major prospect.

Ethan Jacobs 7'0 C Tipton was impressive in the first half of their semi-final victory. He was really active rebounding, hedging screens, blocking shots. He also had a good finish where he cut from the 3pt. line on the baseline to the rim and caught the ball outside the lane. He then did a slide by move around a help side defender and finished off the glass. He is a great pickup for Ohio.

Khristian Smith 6'4 SF Pike played with a lot of energy and looked very good on defense. He is a low to mid-major prospect...mid-major when he defends like he did today.

Spiece Fastbreak

Kenny Enoch 6'3 SG Howe shot the ball very well today. He gets overshadowed at times, but he is a very solid player. Probably a low to mid-major prospect right now.

Ryan Taylor 6'5 SF Lawrence North showed more perimeter skills today than I thought he had. He handled it against pressure a little and hit a couple shots from 3. It looks like he will make the transition from power forward to small forward in the Big East.

P.J. Boutee 5'9 PG Howe
leads the nation in spin dribbles per game. It is amazing how many times he spins during a makes me dizzy just watching. Overall, he is quick and usually pretty good with the ball but will try to do too much at times.

Colin Lynch 6'3 SG Roncali can flat out shoot the ball. Quick release and can put it on the floor a little bit. He doesn't get many minutes because of a wing loaded roster.

Indiana Select Blue

Conner Rich 6'3 SF Tipton is a great shooter. He might have the purest stroke in the 2011 class. He struggles moving laterally against quick players and doesn't handle the ball particularly well. He needs to improve those areas to be a D-1 player.

Mark Fennerty 6'0 PG Carmel needs to get playing time at Carmel. He is heady, surprisingly quick, great shooter. He is a little undersized, but he makes up for it in toughness. He is a small school prospect right now. I could see him being great at an NAIA program.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hoosier Shootout Notes Day 2

I have something to admit...I did not stay for the whole day of games today. I don't like to say it, but I left in the early evening. Weak on my part, but I did have a few things I wanted to get done tonight.

Indy Heat-Felder

Alexander Huston 6'1 PG Tipton showed that he can defend. He still gambles and gets out of position a lot which can lead to a lot of scrambling situations for the defense. He is a shooter first and everything else second.

Chandler Thomas 6'5 PF TBA
has had a lot of questions asked about him, his attitude, and his game among other things. He has the talent to play D-1, if he continues to expand his offensive game. He has the quickness, the strength, the motor to play at that level.

Brian Stolarz 6'5 SF Munster looks like his release has quickened a little bit...still needs work on becoming a perimeter player. I think he will end up being a low-major player when it is all said and done.

Brandon Muncie 6'4 SG Lawrence North
is athletic and long. Other parts of his game need work, but with those two things he can get it done if he really wants to.

Spiece Indy Stars

Ron Patterson 6'4 SG Broad Ripple is really good. I saw him play in an open gym at Cincinnati last week and it looked like he could play in college right now. Not bad for a kid going into his sophomore year of high school. He is athletic and skilled...that is a tough combo.

Jeremy Hollowell 6'6 SF Lawrence Central is growing in height and in his game daily it seems. He might have the most upside in the 2012 class. He can really shoot it and is becoming more active rebounding.

Austin Burgett 6'7 SF Avon is still underrated and under appreciated in his recruitment so far. He is extremely skilled for a young big man. Burgett can shoot it and put it on the floor.

Spiece Select 2011

Zac VanDeWater 6'4 SG Whitko is a player to get to know. He can really shoot it, pretty quick laterally, good with the ball, and has been rebounding great lately. He is a mid-major type of player.

Tony Springmann 6'8 C Fort Wayne Dwenger is a beast. He is so strong and aggressive in the paint that he over powers most everyone right now. If he adds some range to his game and a couple post moves, he could be very much like Luke Harangody.

Kendal Griffin 6'4 SG Avon has had a good start to July and I heard he played well in June for his high school team. He is strong, a good defender, rebounds really well, and can also drive the ball. His shooting has been streaky lately because of injuries keeping him from getting as many shooting work-outs in as he would like.

Chrishawn Hopkins News

In the latest edition of the Chrishawn Hopkins news, he is the real deal. Quick laterally, jumps out of the gym, unselfish...maybe too unselfish at this point. He is constantly screening for teammates and directing them where to go. He gets to the rim at will and is also a very good shooter. Grades are a question...he might have to go to junior college, but if he qualifies he is a mid-major or higher recruit.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hoosier Shootout Notes Day 1

First day of the July evaluation period is over. It was a solid first day at the Hoosier Shootout. Not a lot of big names here because of the Lebron camp and Take 5 tournament in Cincy, but overall solid.

Chrishawn Hopkins 6'2 SG Manual
is a big-time player. Smooth with the ball, great leaping ability, consistent outside jumper, finishes at the rim, unselfish, solid passer...sleeper of the 2010 class.

Neal Beshears 6'6 SF Winchester blew up in the first half of his second game of the day. He is super long, good outside shooter, good rebounder. A lot of schools took notice of Beshears this afternoon.

Spiece Indy Heat-Betts
has a interesting mix this week because multiple guys are at Lebron skills camp. They have Yogi Ferrell, Dejuan Marrero, Rafael Davis, Ethan Jacobs, Stevie Jamison, Brad Elam, Kristian Smith, and A.J. Hammons was on their bench not playing today.

Yogi Ferrell 5'11 PG Park Tudor has been playing great lately and continued it today against guys 2 years older than him. Crafty getting into the lane and finishing or finding open guys. He has also been shooting it very well lately.

Dejaun Marrero 6'5 Bowman Academy is only a legit 6'5 but is a little bit more athletic than I gave him credit for before. He definitely needs to work on his perimeter skills though.

Kennis White 6'1 PG South Bend Washington can shoot it better than I thought. I'm not sold on the rest of his game though. He is athletic getting off the floor, but he doesn't get to the rim often off the dribble. White doesn't handle the ball much and is shaky when he does.

Keegan Clark 6'4 SG Jeffersonville played pretty well for Spiece Indy Heat-Downs today. I didn't know who he was when I was watching him and rated him as a low D-1 prospect and then I found out who he was...he committed to Wright State recently.

Aaron Bluitt 6'1 PG Bishop Chatard looked great at times this afternoon when he was getting to the rim, but his decision making holds him back at times. If he was drive first, shoot if they give him room then he would look much better. He has the talent it is just a matter of putting it altogether now.

That is about it for today. I didn't see many good games. Most were blow outs or just not very good teams. Hopefully, tomorrow things will pick up a bit.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hoosier Shootout

I just got back from pre-registration for the Hoosier Shootout and I must say the team list looks weak on paper. Not many big name teams and I don't believe there will be many big name players at the tournament either. There are a lot of solid Indiana teams except from the Indiana Elite program...most of them are in Cincinnati for the Take 5 tournament.

Kentucky Hoopfest doesn't have a great team list either. I think it might be a little bit better, but I'm not sure. I'm hoping AAU Nationals will be a very good lineup. If nothing else, I hope to see a lot Indiana players and maybe find a sleeper in the bunch if nothing else.

It should be fun either way...lots of basketball in a short amount of time! Giddy up!

Friday, July 3, 2009

July Schedules

Hoosier Shootout Schedule

Kentucky Hoopfest Schedule


July is upon us. The make or break month for a lot of players and college coaches. Some players will get on the radar of schools for the first time and most will get crossed off the recruiting list.

June went by very quickly for me. I worked 3 camps. Two camps for Butler and one camp for Xavier. Both have great staffs and were very fun to work. Xavier flew by even though I stayed in a dorm with no TV or computer.

In July, I will be at the Hoosier Shootout, Kentucky Hoopfest, working another Xavier camp, then end the AAU season in Orlando for AAU Nationals. I always watch games all day while tournaments are going unless the teams aren't worth watching.

A few recruiting commitments happened this week. Jesse Berry committed to Dayton which was a bit of a shock to me. His recruiting has been all over the map. Jeff Robinson, the ex-Purdue commit, committed to Xavier after he did well in his summer class.

Happy 4th of July!