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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2011 Shooting Guard Rankings

H=High major H- = High major Stretch
M+ = Mid-major, higher possibly, M=Mid-major, M- =Mid-major stretch
L+ = Low major, higher possibly, L= Low-major, L- = Low-major stretch/D2/NAIA

1. Zac VanDeWater 6’5 Whitko M+ Good shooter, solid handles, good defender although not super quick. Had a great July, shot very well and showed his complete game. Some muscle might improve his game greatly.
2. Spencer Turner 6’2 Bloomington South M Best shooter in the class, strong, smart player. Would like him to develop into more of a PG unless he grows. He might still grow and he is a gym rat so I expect him to expand his game.
3. Kendal Griffin 6’4 Avon M Good shooter, rebounds well from a SG/SF, very fast up and down the floor, solid athlete. Would like him to handle it better and make better decisions at times
4. Joe Crisman 6’4 Munster M- Shooter, strong, tough, good defender. Needs to tighten up handles
5. Kenny Enoch 6’3 Howe L+ Solid athlete, pretty long, good motor, good set shooter.
6. Rick Thomas 6’1 Lawrence North L+
7. Conner Rich 6’3 Tipton L+ Pure shooter with legit range to 24 feet. Lacks great lateral quickness, but has good length. I’d put him as the 2nd best shooter behind Spencer Turner.
8. Chris Page 6’3 Plainfield L Solid length, good finisher inside, good shooter. Needs to improve ball handling
9. Trent Lancaster 6’3 Northview L Shooter
10. Micah Smith 6’0 North Central D2
11. Colin Lynch 6’3 Roncali D2 Slasher, good set shooter, okay athlete. Needs to tighten up handles and passing a bit.
12. Trent Crabtree Crawfordsville

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