Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Overall Rankings

I do not have the knowledge of the 2010 class as I do for the 2011 and 2012 classes. The 2010 class has seen a lot of top players transfer to prep schools. I feel confident in my rankings although I haven't seen a couple of players that would be ranked if I had seen them play in person.

H=High major H- = High major Stretch
M+ = Mid-major, higher possibly, M=Mid-major, M- =Mid-major stretch
L+ = Low major, higher possibly, L= Low-major, L- = Low-major stretch
D2=Division 2/NAIA /High Level D3
D3=Division 3

1. Deshaun Thomas 6’7 Bishop Luers H
2. Terone Johnson 6’3 North Central H-
3. Chrishawn Hopkins 6’2 Manual H-
4. Travis Carrol 6’8 Danville H-
5. Jesse Berry 6’1 Lafayette Jeff H-
6. Erik Fromm 6’8 Bloomington South M+
7. Ethan Jacobs 7’0 Tipton H-
8. Russell Byrd 6’7 Blackhawk Christian M+
9. Donnie Hale 6’7 New Albany M+
10. Tyrae Robinson 6’1 Bowman Academy M
11. Jordan Manual 6’8 Howe M+
12. Khristian Smith 6’3 Pike M
13. Jack Isenbarger 6’3 Zionsville M
14. Daniel Turner 6’6 Mount Vernon M
15. P.J. Hubbert 6’5 Mount Vernon M
16. Jake Kitchell 6’8 South Central M-
17. LaTroy Taylor 6’2 Gary Wallace M-
18. Michael Harris 6’1 East Chicago L+
19. Julian Boatner 6’3 Bloomington North L+
20. Kegan Clark 6’4 Jeffersonville L+
21. Brandon Demmings 6’2 Washington L+
22. Chris Welker 6’4 Zionsville L
23. Andre Hampton 6’1 Howe L
24. DeArmond Davis 6’6 Mount Vernon L
25. Christopher Bond 6’4 Bowman L
26. Greg Miller 6’6 North Miami L-
27. Mitchell Patton 6’9 South Knox
28. Mike Kibiloski 6’7 Elkhart Memorial L-
29. Neal Beshears 6’6 Winchester M
30. Robert Kitzinger 6’6 Carmel L
31. Jake Browne 6’6 Hamilton Southeastern D2
32. Thomas Anderson 6’7 Terre Haute North L-
33. Andrew Rudakas 6’5 Wheeler L-
34. Scott Lascowski 6’4 Carmel L-
35. John Michael Jarvis - Terre Haute South L
36. Roddy Richardson 6’2 Lafayette Jeff L-
37. Leland Brown 6’4 Noblesville L-
38. Brad Elam 5’10 Ben Davis L-
39. Jordan Weidner 6’1 Danville L-
40. Willie Rhodes 6’2 Warren Central D2
41. KeVan Ford 5’11 Bowman D2
42. Cyllk Joesph 5’11 Bowman D2
43. Brad Karp 6’2 Valparaiso D2
44. Parker Staufer 6’6 Southridge L-
45. Justin Gill 6’6 Munster D2
46. Kyle Ritz 6’0 Munster D2
47. Zach Starr 6’1 Hamilton Southeastern D2
48. Trip McFall 6’3 North Central D2
49. Jeff Sustarcic 6’1 Union County D2
50. Aaron Bluitt 6’1 North Central D2

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Rankings

New rankings for 2010, 2011, and 2012 will be posted after the New Year holiday. I will then update them again after the high school season is complete before the AAU season starts.

I'm working on a preliminary 2013 rankings list so if you know any that I should look for leave me a comment.

The basketball season is going quickly (too quickly) and I'm trying to make it to as many big games as possible. I've added a good amount of players to my database and many will make their debut on my rankings when they come out.

Happy Holiday! I hope everyone has a safe holiday season!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

IPSAC Midwest Basketball Challenge-Detroit Country Day/Luers

The main event of the IPSAC Midwest Basketball Challenge...Detroit Country Day against Fort Wayne Bishop Luers. Ray McCallum against Deshaun Thomas. Two potential All-Americans.

Well, the team match-up didn't live up to the hype. Ray McCallum certainly did. McCallum finished with 36 points including 3 dunks that made the crowd go crazy. He was impressive. Great quickness, crafty moves, superb shooting from the outside, tough rebounds, strong defense. McCallum was good in every phase of the game. He should definitely be an All-American candidate.

Deshaun Thomas was met with double and triple teams right from the tip. Detroit Country Day didn't let him catch the ball and if he did then they made sure he had no choice but to pass. DCD decided to make another Luers player beat them other than Thomas. No Luers player was able to step up.

DCD stretched their lead to 30 points in the third quarter. I believe the final margain was 17 points. Thomas did most of his damage in the final minutes of the third quarter and in the fourth quarter. He ended with 33 points by my count.

Ken Mullen 5'9 junior point guard impressed me with his quickness. He was able to get around DCD defenders and into the lane most of the night. He finished with 22 points on 9-12 shooting. He never looked for his outside shot until the game was decided. He is probably a stretch for mid-majors, but definitely is a D1 player.

Amir Williams 6'10 junior center controlled the paint and boards for Detroit Country Day. He was really impressive with his outlet passes. He started most fast breaks for DCD. He allowed the guards to leak out and he could hit them on the move with a 40 foot outlet pass. I had him down for 10 points and 9 rebounds.

IPSAC Midwest Basketball Challenge-Munster/Cathedral

The Munster vs. Indianapolis Cathedral game was the one I looked forward to the most. I wanted to see how the much hyped Collin Hartman was and I wanted to see how good Munster was when they played outside of the region. Well, both passed with flying colors. Munster was impressive as was Hartman.

Munster jumped out early by hitting 3's against Cathedral's zone. When I say Munster I should say Brian Stolarz as he went 4-4 from 3 in the first quarter. Munster led 17-7 after the first and 29-15 at the half. It always seemed like Munster was up by more since their defense was so good. Munster plays really hard and they are physical. A guy in front of me said something that was very true..."if you are going to beat Munster you are going to have to be tougher than they are." Not many teams can match Munster's toughness.

Collin Hartman
is counted on to do a lot for Cathedral. They have totally rebuilt from last year's team. Hartman is very good, but he can't carry them to wins against teams like Munster. His shooting form is great and he cuts really hard. Most seniors don't cut as well as he does. He handles the ball very well and can lead a fast break. Once he adds muscle he will be very tough to handle.

Joe Crisman 6'4 junior guard is more of a small forward right now. He can shoot it, strong, rebounds, a good defender. He doesn't handle the ball to well right now. It also looked shaky when he was dribbling like he could lose control at anytime. In order to be a D1 player he will have to tighten that up immensely as well as working on getting his shot off quicker. It seemed like it took him a decent amount of time to get off his shot.

Brian Stolarz 6'4 junior small forward had the fast start and didn't do much after the first quarter. If he can shoot it like he did against Cathedral than he can play at the mid-major level. He is strong, a good rebounder, and tough. He doesn't have guard like handles though and he is still not a great defender although it seems like he is making a great effort to get better defensively. I still think he is a low-major player unless he becomes a lights out consistent shooter.

Kyle Ritz
6'1 senior point guard is a true point guard if you will. He is Munster's leader, he is the floor general. He is very sure with the ball and has very good court vision. He did not look for his shot at all. I only had him down for two shot attempts. I think he would be a good NAIA point guard. He can score if he needs to. I think he just understands his role as the distributor on a good team.

Kevin Owens 6'9 senior center had some solid post moves. Owens could probably be a very good player if he was more aggressive and assertive. It seems like he has the physical tools to be very good.

IPSAC Midwest Basketball Challenge-Howe/ECC

The Howe/East Chicago Central game was the closest game of the day. Early it looked like Howe was going to run away with it. Howe let ECC back into the game during the 2nd quarter though and it was back and forth from there.

PJ Boutte
scored a go ahead basket with around 30 seconds left in the game. ECC attacked and Howe fouled Anthony Williams. Williams,who was hot most of the day, knocked down both free-throws to give ECC a one point lead. ECC came out of the time-out in a 2-2-1 press and Howe throw right over the top to Jordan Manuel. Manuel drove to the hoop and was unsuccessful on this attempt. After many tips and a scramble later the game was over. ECC escaped with a 62-61 victory.

Anthony Williams 6'1 junior forward for ECC impressed me. I had never heard of him before but he made a lot of big shots for the Cardinals. He was a tough defender and scrappy player all game. I hope to see him more in the future.

Michael Harris
6'3 senior guard was only 5-11 from the field, but he easily could have been 8-11. He made numerous nice plays and great moves. He hit the open shot and was the leader for ECC. He is definitely a D1 high is the question though. I think he could play major minutes early for most mid-majors depending on the system.

Isiah Hill 6'10 junior center has lost a lot of weight and has gained a lot of mobility from it. He still has some work to be done in the conditioning department, but he has made great strides. I had him down for 10 points and 5 rebounds. He could be a very good post for mid-majors if he continues to lose weight. As of right now, he is a low-major prospect.

Giovantae Hazelett
6'7 senior forward showed glimpses of a very good player. He might only be 6'5 or 6'6 though. He had some athletic finishes while showing good free-throw form going 4-4 so he has a base to develop. He appears to be more of a D2 type of player, but this is the first time I have seen him.

Jordan Manuel
6'8 senior wing is committed to Detroit. He didn't play until the 4th quarter. He came in cold to start the 4th quarter with the game tied. I'm not sure that is a great situation to put a kid into. Even if he sat out for discpline reasons I think I might have just held him out the whole game or gotten him in during the 3rd quarter. He could be a big-time player for Detroit if he gets after it...that is a big if though.

PJ Boutte 5'9 junior point guard is also committed to Detroit. He was questionable due to spraining his ankle last week. He played major minutes though. I had him with the stat line of 1-4 from 2pt, 1-4 from 3pt, 3-6 from the free-throw line with 1 assist to go along with 4 turnovers.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

IPSAC Midwest Basketball Challenge-Bowman/Broad Ripple

The Bowman Academy/Broad Ripple game was fast paced from the start. Both teams were pushing the ball, creating turnovers, forcing passes, and looking to attack the rim. Bowman led 27-19 after one period to give you an idea of the pace.

In the second quarter, Bowman increased the gap. Cyllk Joesph had a big first half. Joesph had a couple of 3's and a couple of dunks. Not to be out done, Chris Bond also had great success around the rim including a monster dunk. Bowman was up 14 at the halftime break.

The second half was mainly the Tyrae Robinson show. Robinson got to the rim nearly anytime he wanted. Most of the time he would finish the basket and the rest of the time he found open teammates for easy baskets. Robinson ended with 18 points on 6-10 shooting from 2point range and 2-4 from 3.

The game became a true blow out in the third. DeJuan Marrero dominated the paint getting multiple blocks and clearing every rebound. Marrero ended the night with 15 points and 14 rebounds. I did not keep track of his blocks.

In the fourth quarter, Broad Ripple made the game respectable. Steven Jamison started to be really aggressive and capitalized on it. He ended the night with 27 points. Ron Patterson was quiet for most of the night other than 2 big first half dunks. Patterson finished with 16 points.

Tyrae Robinson 6'1 point guard might have turned the most heads of college recruiters. Robinson did a little bit of everything. He showed his quickness and explosiveness getting to the basket. He consistently made the correct play while leading his team. Robinson also displayed a smooth jumper. Robinson looks like a solid mid-major point guard.

DeJuan Marreo 6'6 small forward is the most hyped player for Bowman. He is and will be a very good high school player. I'm not sure how that will translate to the next level for him. At the high major level, he will have to be a 3 and I'm not sure he has those skills in order to handle the ball, shoot from the perimeter, or the quickness to guard a small forward in the Big Ten for instance. He's not big enough to be a power forward unless he grows which I think is unlikely. I think he projects to be a very good mid-major player, but would struggle in the major conferences.

Cyllk Joesph 5'11 shooting guard was 3-6 from 3 and 2-2 from 2 including a dunk off a nice alley-opp. His shooting form looked really good...smooth and quick. He didn't handle the ball very much because Robinson handled those duties. He might be an undersized shooting guard but he can make up for that with his athleticism.

Christopher Bond
6'4 forward showed great atleticism and ability to finish in the paint. He has great springs and very good lateral quickness. He is more of a power forward, but he can handle the ball a little bit and is quick enough to guard a small forward at the mid-major level. He would be really good at the low-major level.

Steven Jamison
6'7 small forward was the main bright spot for Broad Ripple. He is a legit 6'5 and maybe 6'6. He is a streaky outside shooter and he will take some shots that leave a lot to be desired. He is long and is a good finisher especially above the rim. I see Jamison as a solid mid-major prospect. I think he would be really good in a style like IUPUI's.

Ron Patterson 6'3 shooting guard is a big time player. Today was not his best game though. In the first half, he wasn't real aggressive looking for his shot although he had 2 dunks including 1 over the top of a Bowman player. He is explosive off the floor while also being a good shooter from the outside. I saw him play in a D1 open gym this year that featured NBA players and he fit right in.

Aaron Payne
6'1 point guard is a promising young player for Broad Ripple. He struggled with decision making against the Bowman pressure but a lot of good senior guards would struggle too. He did have 6 points on 3-6 shooting. He got to the rim a few times and had shots rim out.

IPSAC Midwest Basketball Challenge

The first game of the day due to Gary Roosevelt not showing up was Lew Wallace against Indianapolis Tech.

The game was only close for the first quarter. In the second quarter, Wallace started to pull away and they never looked back. Wallace was led by Branden Dawson and LaTroy Taylor. Everyone knows Dawson, but Taylor might be a new name for people.

LaTroy Taylor
6'2 guard was the game's MVP finishing with 27 points and 7 assists. He played mostly the off guard in this game, but it looks like he could play the point at the next level. He showed very good vision while getting to the basket constantly against the Tech defense. He might be a stretch for the good mid-major programs because I'm not sure about his outside shooting. His free-throw form looked good though.

Branden Dawson 6'7 forward was impressive with his length and athleticism. He is listed at 6'6 but looked taller than that and taller than he looked in the summer. He is still developing his shot and it was very inconsistent this game. He dominated around the rim though and showed good quickness. Dawson handled the ball a little bit, but not where you would want to put the ball in his hands all the time. He was better than my first impression of him last year.

Isaac Mack 6'1 guard was the main bright spot for Tech. He hit numerous 3's although he also took a lot of them. He wasn't on fire by any stretch. He has a nice lefty shooting form though.

Mo Cross 6'3 forward was in foul trouble the whole game. He actually picked up his fourth foul in the first half...fouling a jump shooter to make things worse. It was disappointing not to get a better look at Cross.

Beecher Ward 6'4 forward looked like he could make a good post at the NAIA/D2 level with his athleticism and quickness. He could guard a 3 or 4 at that level.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hamilton Southeastern @ North Central

The first quarter was highly competitive...that was about it. Hamilton Southeastern led after one quarter 25-23. The Royals were led by Zach Starr. Starr had 7 of HSE's first 9 points and didn't stop most of the night. I had him down for at least 17 points on the night. I wasn't planning on keeping his stats so that number might be low.

Not to be out done by Starr, Terone Johnson had 19 points in the first half. Johnson and D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera dominated the second quarter which helped North Central open up a 49-30 halftime lead.

The second half was much of the same. Gary Harris got a little more aggressive for HSE. Harris had a nice breakaway dunk but he only finished with 11 points on the night.

North Central ended up winning with a score of 88-61. Johnson led North Central in scoring with 23 points. Smith-Rivera had 21 points on 9-17 shooting. Patrick Ingram had 9 points by going 4-5 from the field.

Hamilton Southeastern was without Jake Browne. I'm unaware of why he was not in uniform for this game.

Zach Starr 6'1 senior did most of the ball handling for HSE and was the Royals main scoring option. He has a good looking shot and also finished inside the lane against contact a few times. I think he is a shooting guard in a point guard body. He looks like a NAIA/D2/D3 prospect.

Gary Harris 6'4 sophomore is a highly rated player for the 2012 class in Indiana. He didn't look for his shot much at all in the first half. Harris was especially passive when North Central was in a zone (they played zone most of the game). He has the skills, but I think he needs to be more aggressive trying to score. His team needs him to do it that in order to be successful. Harris is definitely a mid-major or higher prospect at this point.

Dzenan Mrkaljevic 6'7 senior...don't ask me or the public address announcer at North Central how to say his name. He didn't do much scoring, but he looks like he can. He has small forward skills with good mobility and athleticism. He had 5 rebounds and a couple of blocks, but only 4 points. I only had him down for 1 shot attempt although he play a majority of the minutes.

Terone Johnson 6'3 senior is very good. He will give Purdue another scoring option with his outside shooting next year. If DeShaun Thomas wasn't in his class, he would be in the discussion for Mr. Basketball this year.

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera 6'4 sophomore is listed at 219 lbs. He is a tank and he knows how to use his body. He is crafty with the ball using hesitation moves and head fakes to get defenders out of position. He is definitely a mid-major or higher prospect and I'm not doubting his determination to be able to play at the highest level.

Trip McFall
6'3 senior showed his ability to defend, get to the rim with the dribble, and to shoot from the outside in this game. I think he has the skills and athleticism to play at the NAIA/D2 level. He seems like a competitor and most teams need those type of guys.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lafayette Jeff @ Noblesville

This game was not as crisp or as well played as I expected it to be. Noblesville jumped out to a early lead by attacking the basket, but then Lafayette Jeff switched to a 2-3 zone which really changed the game. Noblesville wasn't getting many good looks against the zone and when they did get the looks...they weren't making the shots.

Senior guard Roddy Richardson looked to be pressing a little too much. He was 3-10 for the half and most of the shots were closely contested. Richardson did a good job defensively all-night though.

Fellow senior Jesse Berry also struggled most the night. Berry struggled to finish plays in the lane that he normally does. He did get to the foul line 14 times, but went 1-4 down the stretch that could have made the game closer. Berry ended with 23 points on the night.

In the second half, Noblesville started to attack the Jeff zone more and started to knock down outside shots as well. The Millers scored 26 points in the third quarter after they scored 24 points in the whole first half. Andrew Lively hit some big 3's and had a big second half. Jake Yeary consistently got great post position and scored down low. Yeary has very good post moves and was even better at sealing his defender. Yeary scored over bigger guys all night. Michael Deines had some very good drives to the rim and finished them each time. All of the Noblesville players mentioned are seniors.

Noblesville ended up controlling the 4th and was helped by Jeff's inability to make free-throws when it counted most. Noblesville got extra possessions by back tipping missed free-throws.

Rashad Richardson is a 6'4 sophomore small forward for Lafayette Jeff. He handled the ball, but definitely needs to tighten up his handles. He was also 1-2 from outside the arc. He looks like a potential college prospect with some skill development especially if he grows a little bit more.

Leland Brown had a very quiet night for Noblesville. He finished with 8 points and I only had him down for 3 shot attempts.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Upcoming Games

I plan on going to the Noblesville/Lafayette Jeff game on Friday night. Then on Saturday I plan on attending the North Central/Hamilton Southeastern game. Both games feature one team I've already seen this year and one team I want to see.

Lafayette Jeff features Dayton commit Jesse Berry and senior shooter Roddy Richardson. Hamilton Southeastern has a pair of sophomore guards. The more hyped player being Gary Harris who is a 6'3 versatile guard. The other being Jacoby Bledsoe who is a point guard that can score the ball.

I think both games will be competitive while showcasing a good amount of talent!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

North Central @ Carmel Game Report

No, I am not a Carmel fan. They have just played two teams I have wanted to see play so far. I will see more teams than just Carmel.

Game Report

Carmel stormed out and control the first few minutes. There were a ton of foul calls especially in the first half. It really hurt the rhythm of the game. North Central benefited from Carmel turnovers through full-court pressure applied by North Central. After one quarter, the score was tied at 17.

The second quarter was dominated by Carmel. They scored 31 points in the quarter. Eleven of those points were scored by junior Josh Baldridge who connected on 3 of 4 from 3-point range. Carmel was up 48-36 at the half.

After halftime, North Central had the same type of quarter that Carmel had in the second. Ronnie and Terone Johnson really picked up the scoring for North Central. They both hit multiple 3's in the quarter. North Central fought back to have the game tied at 63 heading into the final quarter.

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera
battled foul trouble all night and wasn't very aggressive when he was in the game. They may have been because of the foul trouble or the fact that he was unable to get into a rhythm from all the fouls being called. He ended up with just 10 points on the night.

The final quarter was back and forth. Terone Johnson hit some big shots in the quarter. No shot was bigger than Baldridge's 3-pointer with under a minute to go that put Carmel up 3 points. Trip McFall had a 3-point attempt go half way down and come out that would have tied the game up. Carmel ended up winning 83-79.

Terone Johnson, 6'4 SG commit to Purdue, ended up with an unofficial 30 points by my count. He was 5-9 from 3-point range and 5-8 from 2-point range. He didn't look as explosive as he did over the summer. He had his calf taped and that might have had something to do with it.

Darius Latham, 6'4 PF freshmen, started and had a solid game inside for North Central. He is not built like a freshmen just like DSR wasn't last year. He also had a big 3-point play the old fashioned way when he took contact from A.J. Hammons and finished over him.

Robert Kitzinger, 6'6 SF senior, shot very well this game. I had him 4-5 from 3 and 2 for 2 from 2-point. He is good at catch and shooting. His height allows him to get his shot off over people. I haven't seen him come off a screen and bury a shot or a 2-dribble pull-up over someone.

Ben Gardner
, 5'11 PG sophomore, is very good with the ball. He is quick and can finish at the rim. He is pass first and get to the rim second. He doesn't look for his outside shot too much. I like what I have seen from him in the two games I have seen.

AJ Hammons, 6'10 C sophomore, doesn't get enough touches and he gets pushed out away from the basket by smaller guys. He has great footwork and great touch when he catches the ball on the lane line. He also is very good at passing out of double teams which is why I would like to see Carmel get him a touch every possession because he makes good things happen for them.

Alex Payne, 6'0 PG senior, just gets the job done. It is ugly and the defense knows he is going to the basket, but he still finds a way to score or to find the open guy. I had him down for 17 points. He uses the glass well when he gets to the rim.

Ronnie Johnson
, 5'10 PG sophomore, is Terone's younger brother. Ronnie is a quick point guard that can shoot from the outside. I would have liked to see him attack the basket more against Carmel. He ended up fouling out of the game with 8 points. He had 27 earlier this year against Pike.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Carmel Vs. Noblesville Report

I went to the Noblesville/Carmel game Friday night at Carmel. Noblesville controlled most of the first half, but Carmel ended the half well and was only down 24-23 I believe. Noblesville really attacked A.J. Hammons in the first half and if they didn't finish the first attempt they got a lot of put-back points.

In the third quarter, Carmel dominated and took a 49-37 lead into the 4th quarter. Carmel used a 2-3 zone and looked to run when they got the ball which led to lay-ups for Carmel. Scott Laskowski finished a bunch of shots in the lane in the second half.

The fourth quarter was a completely different story. Noblesville chipped away and had a 3 point lead with 9 seconds left. Laskowski ended up taking and hitting an open 3 from the wing as time expired. It would have been a great spot to foul for Noblesville, but they elected not to just like Memphis elected not to against Kansas in the 2008 National Championship game.

Overtime was back and forth until it was tied with 3 seconds left when Noblesville took a shot that was rebounded and tipped towards the rim by Daniel Purvlicis that missed, but there was a foul called on the play. Purvlicis rolled the first free-throw in and missed the second on purpose so Carmel couldn't throw an inbounds pass long.

Leland Brown was very impressive for Noblesville. He was the main Noblesville player attacking the rim and Hammons. Brown was taking body contact and finishing over the 6'10 Hammons. He also knocked down a couple of 3's and really got after rebounds. I would rate Brown as a low-major/D2 recruit.

A.J. Hammons did not get many touches in the post, but when he did...good things happened. He showed some very good post moves and good touch around the basket. He also passed well out of double teams. Carmel just didn't look for him enough for my liking.

Robert Kitzinger
is a 6'5 senior wing for Carmel. He showed the ability to put the ball on the floor but he didn't finish well in the lane especially if there was any contact. He is a good shooter, but not an elite shooter from what I have seen. Probably a D2/NAIA prospect.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Season in Full Swing

Well it is December and basketball is officially in full swing. I finally made it to my first few high school games this past weekend. I have been preoccupied with my season to make it to many high school events.

I went to the Hinkle Showcase Saturday night. I was in attendance for the Zionsville game against Guerin Catholic and also the Lawrence North/Brebeuf game.

Zionsville returned basically everyone from their 18-3 team last year. Senior Jack Isenbarger led Zionsville to victory 80-70. The 6'3 point guard is as steady as they come. He can get to the rim while also having good range. He is their leader and is rarely out of control.

Chris Welker is a 6'5 senior who is committed to Army. Welker is very polished in the paint with a variety of moves. He has range, but it is usually of the catch and shoot variety...not off the dribble or coming off screens. He is solid and should be a good player for Army.

Guerin Catholic was scrappy and fought Zionsvile down to the end. The Rapp brothers really stood out. Jordan Rapp is a 6'4 lanky senior. He showed a full game from posting up to shooting the 3 to crashing for offensive rebounds. He looks like he could be a solid NAIA player. Riley Rapp is a 6'0 sophomore that can really shoot the ball. He drove only a few times, but it looked like he was quick enough to do it more and a good enough ball handler to do it more. I would like him to become more of a point guard that shoot than a shooter that can handle it if needed.

In the second game, Brebeuf battled Lawrence North for 3 quarters before LN pulled away. Brebeuf was definitely undersized in the match-up but they put a good effort out.

Mike Lenz is a 6'1 sophomore guard for Brebeuf. He really impressed me with his ability to drive and finish in the lane against LN. He is very thin right now and needs to put on some muscle. He showed toughness and good quickness.

Aloyis Gray
was out with an injury which was disappointing. I wanted to see what he could do against the talent of LN. Gray is a 6'3 sophomore.

Brad Altum and Alex Kugar both looked like NAIA/D2 prospects. Altum is a 6'3 senior guard that showed a good dribble pull up game. While Kugar is more of an undersized post that battles and competes.

Saying Lawrence North is talented is like saying the sky is blue. The question is if they will play well as a team or play hard enough to win big games.

They have two Louisville commits in 6'5 Ryan Taylor and 6'10 Michael Chandler. Taylor is transitioning from a power forward to a small forward for college and it is still a work in-progress. Chandler runs very well for a guy nearly 7 feet tall. He also has good timing for blocking shots. He has a soft shooting touch although he is on the block most of the time.

Farooq Davis might give LN the needed guard play they need to go along with their talented big men. He showed very good lateral quickness hounding Brebeuf ball handlers all over the floor. He also knocked down a couple 3's and if he can do that all year LN will be really tough.