Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2012 Overall Rankings (TOP 39)

The class of 2012 is loaded in Indiana. Lots of guys are old news to the people following high school basketball in Indiana although they are only sophomores. Multiple guys have offers from a bunch of Big Ten schools. Rafeal Davis has already committed to Purdue.

The class is loaded with potential, but it is not a given that all of them will develop properly. I have not seen a ton of 2012 class outside of the top 20 or 30 guys. This spring/summer I will get a chance to see a wider range of players.

Most of the rankings are based off of potential (indicated by the H,M,L) but some have been ranked because of their current skill level. That is why some of the projected level ratings don't go in order (H then H- the M+ etc).

1. AJ Hammons 6’10 Carmel H Love his touch and footwork around the basket also passes well against double teams.
2. Austin Burgett 6’7 Avon H Good shooter, ample ball handling skills, solid athlete, good basketball IQ. Weakness-Assertiveness…he is aggressive when he gets the ball but doesn’t demand the ball when he needs to sometimes.
3. Jeremy Hollowell 6’6 Lawrence Central H Extremely long, good shooter from distance, drives the ball well. Lots of upside...possibly the most potential in the class.
4. Ron Patterson 6’3 Broad Ripple H Athletic as you can get for this age, good shooter…set and off the dribble, solid defender. Weakness-would like him to tighten up his handles.
5. D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera 6’3 North Central H- Crafty, strong as a bull, smart with the ball. Weakness-used to be perimeter shooting, but that has improved greatly over this offseason. I think it is a question of lateral quickness if he is done growing for what level he will end up at. He seems like a great competitor that will work on any weakness. If you haven’t seen him play, think Byron Eaton the former Oklahoma State PG.
6. Yogi Ferrell 5’11 Park Tudor M+ Quick, very good with the ball i.e. change of pace, decision making. Outside shot has improved greatly but still inconsistent. When he has the outside shot going he is unstoppable.
7. Gary Harris 6’4 Hamilton Southeastern H Good length, good set shooter, solid with the ball. Might be more of a 2 right now, but can also play point…I would like him to be more aggressive with the ball
8. Dejuan Marrero 6’5 Bowman M+ Solid athlete but not a freak, good rebounder, good motor. I’m unsure what position he will play at the next level. He has a lot of work to do to become a perimeter player. Improving shooter, but still a lot to work on.
9. Rafeal Davis 6’5 Fort Wayne South M Shooter, good length, strong for age. Weakness-early maturation and could be done growing.
10. Nick Osborne 6’6 Muncie Central M
11. Rhett Smith 6’6 Sullivan M True inside/outside player, good post moves, drives the ball well. Weakness-not super athletic although he has a good first step.
12. Harry Willis 6’1 Ben Davis M Quick first step, good defender. Unsure of his outside shooting.
13. Edward Seay 6’8 Merrillville M+ Long, active in the post. A high potential guy. Needs a lot of refinement, but could definitely get there in two years.
14. Kellon Thomas 5’10 Southport M- Leader, good decision maker, improving shooter, strong, finishes well in the lane. Weakness- height and could be done growing.
15. Brent Calhoun 6’7 Warren Central M Lefty (I love lefty post players), good shot blocker, developing jump hook. Weakness- very raw.
16. Jared Drew 6’4 Lawrence Central M- Solid athlete, long, gets to the rim easily. Weakness-shot selection
17. Logan Irwin 5’11 Whitko L+ Strong, leader, slasher, creator. Needs to improve shooting.
18. R.J. Hunter 6’2 Pike M- Shooter, long, smart. Weakness-rail thin
19. Mike Ramey 6’2 Southport M- Quick, solid strength for his age, good with the ball, very good shooter.
20. D.J. Ballentine 5’10 M- Kokomo Crafty with the ball, good shooter. Baby faced…could still grow which would help his game.
21. Brad Hartman 6’5 Union County M Good shooting form, gets after the boards, good basketball IQ
22. Tyler Corley 5’10 Lawrence Central M Quick, good handles, good shooter from the outside
23. Daniel Purvlicis 6’6 Noblesville M- Good looking shot, solid footwork in the lane, wingspan looks much bigger than his 6’6 height, needs strength work. Has to be more aggressive to make that next step in his development.
24. Patrick Ingram 6’2 North Central M- Strong body, more of a mid-range shooter than 3pt shooter, likes to get to the rim.
25. Ronnie Johnson 5’10 North Central L+ Very quick, good lefty shooter, small right now. Brother is Terone Johnson.
26. Travis Britt 6’3 Culver Academy M- Strong, gets to the rim very well (Old for his grade I believe)
27. Joel Smith 6’5 Heritage Christian L+ Strong, smart, good motor, solid mid-range set jumper. Might be done growing.
28. Rashad Richardson 6’4 Lafayette Jeff L+ Long, handles the ball but is loose with it right now, unusual shoot from the outside but is consistent with it. Length is his major strength to his game.
29. D.J. Neal 5’11 Fort Wayne North L+
30. Riley Rapp 6’0 Guerin Catholic L+ Mostly a shooter right now, but has the ability and quickness to get to the rim off the dribble.
31. Ben Gardner 5’11 Carmel L+ Lefty, great with the ball, quick enough to penetrate and finishes well at the rim. Looks to pass more than to shoot
32. Jordan VanTreese 6’7 Lawrence North L+ Stephen’s brother, developing, plays hard, rebounds well
33. Keith Cochran 6’9 Bluffton L+ Good touch, still catching up to his body.
34. Aloyis Gray 6’5 Brebeuf L+ Extremely long, active rebounder
35. Aaron Payne 6’2 Broad Ripple L
36. Mitch Yeagy 5’10 L Alexandria L Smart player, good shooter
37. Shawn Heffern 6’5 Carmel L Strong with solid post moves
38. Thomas Treadway 6’4 Zionsville Lanky, good set shooter
39. Isaac Mack 6’1 Indianapolis Tech L Lefty shooter