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Friday, July 17, 2009


I have been gone for the last week or so with AAU tournaments and I worked another Xavier basketball camp.

I plan on finishing my Kentucky Hoopfest recap and updating my rankings. I know I have changed my 2011 rankings and my 2012 rankings. I will get these things finalized and posted later this afternoon/tonight.

Hope everyone is enjoying their July. I know I am!


HoosierScout said...

Do you have a email link posted?
I was wanting to thank you for your help.

Walt57 said...

coach, Ben Davisson has grown a bit over the summer. He is now between 6'10'' and 6'11''. He has been playing AAU basketball over the summer with a team out of northern Indiana. It is sponsered by Nike. He seems to be getting more mobile in the post area.

Walt57 said...

Trevor, Ben Davisson has gown a bit over the 2009 summer. He is between 6''10" and 6'11". He is getting more mobile while playing basketball all summer with an AAU team out of northern Indiana.