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Friday, July 17, 2009

2011 Point Guard Rankings

Updated rankings after the first evaluation period. Although, how well a guy is playing is an indication of where they will be ranked, I'm still trying to keep it to who will be the best long-term. I'm still trying to combine current skill set and potential for the rankings.

2011 Point Guards

1. Marquis Teague 6’2 Pike H One of the top players in the country for his class. Explosive, solid shooter, good handles. Can question his focus at times.
2. Dee Davis 5’10 Bloomington South M+ Great decision maker, good handles, good outside shooter, quick but not lightning quick. Height might hold him back from being an elite PG.
3. Matt Carlino 6’2 Bloomington South H- quick, smart, strong, slasher that is looking to pass first. Not a great shooter, but has time to improve that.
4. Jalen Packer 6’2 Princeton M Slashing point guard, long, leads well. Needs to get a little tighter with the ball and add a mid-range to long-range shooting game.
5. Nic Moore 5’10 Warsaw M Solid shooter, strong although small, finishes well in the lane. Needs to be a knock down shooter so he can run an offense and knock down 3’s if he is left open
6. P.J. Boutee 5’10 Howe L+ Quick, flashy, decent shooter. Needs to make better decisions at times.
7. Ken Mullens 5'11 Fort Wayne Luers L+ strong, good defender. Needs some work on the offensive end.
8. Jordan Hahn 5’10 New Castle L+ Leader, good decision maker,good defender at this level, improving shooter. Needs to handle intense ball pressure better
9. Jonny Marlin 5’11 Center Grove L+ Smart, solid shooter, good ball handler. Would like him to be more aggressive offensively but he runs a team well,would like him to add some muscle.
10. Greg Dickey 5’11 Tipton L Feisty, good worker, solid with the ball. Downside is height and not a lights out shooter
11. Brandon Ledford 5'11 Decatur Central L slashing pass first point guard or looking to finish in the lane.
12. Christian Ford 5’10 Pike L Score first PG, very good penetrator. Will get out of control and force bad shots

1 comment:

HoosierScout said...

I would pretty much agree with your list,I think you pretty much have it pegged for now. But as I'm sure you know at this level things change fast!
Good Work!

Check this out if you get a chance it has many players that are on your list.