Saturday, July 18, 2009

2011 Center Rankings

True Centers are hard to find especially in Indiana. I tried to limit who I put into this category because most kids are more like Power Forwards than they are Centers.

2011 Centers

1. Michael Chandler 6’11 Lawrence North H Big man with solid hands, runs pretty well, aggressive for a young big man. Will he continue to work on his game or be happy for what he has got?
2. Tony Springmann 6’7 Fort Wayne Dwenger M+ Powerful big man, great motor and rebounder, solid shot to 14 feet. A face-up game would shoot him up the rankings.
3. Isiah Hill 6’10 Howe M- Huge kid, doesn’t run too well. Has been out most of the spring.
4. Ben Davisson 6’9 Renesselar Central L+ Huge body, huge hands, decent touch around the basket. No range, struggles when he puts the ball on the floor in the post.
5. Alec Peterson 6’9 Carmel L Long, finishes okay in the lane. Plays uber passively and without much energy.
6. Wade Thomas 6’8 Western Boone L+ Super raw, good motor, plays with energy, good form on shot to 15 feet. Just needs experience and work on post game along with added strength.

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Davisson Fan1 said...

Ben Davisson has a great range. He has been known to knock down the "3" when given a chance. Come witness some of his shooting action on He is playing with the SYF AAU program this summer and improving quickly. With a new coach at his High School, look for strong play from Benjamin as recruiting coaches take notice. Equally talented in Football this athlete at the top of his class academically has a lot to offer a D1 school.