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Friday, February 27, 2009

Michigan Game

I had the pleasure of going to the Michigan/Purdue game last night in Ann Arbor. We had great seats thanks to Zack Novak who hooked us up with some tickets. The game was very good. Purdue's big man JaJuan Johnson got in foul trouble and it hurt Purdue a lot. DeShawn Simms dominated the inside and had a career high.

After the game, my friends and I were waiting for Novak to get out of the locker. I saw Bill Raftery finishing gathering his equipment from announcing the game. So, I decided to go shake his hand because I am a fan. He was very nice and even introduced himself when he saw I was waiting to talk to him. That is why there is a picture of him above.

I also shook hands with Manny Harris and DeShawn Simms while we were standing around talking to Zack. We did not stay too long though because it took a little bit over 4 hours to get up there and then a little bit under 4 hours to get back. Overall, it was a good trip.

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