Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stanley Robinson

Some players are better in the pros than they are in college. One player that stands out in my mind is Brad Miller. He had a mediocre college career at Purdue, but he has had a solid NBA career even making the all-star team. Robbie Hummel is excelling more at Purdue than he did in high school. Players occasionally excel at a higher level when they didn't necessarily dominate at a lower level. Usually it is a player that has a growth spurt and is getting used to his size or something along those lines.

Stanley Robinson has a chance to be a good NBA player I believe. He is so athletic at 6'8. If he can play the perimeter or at least guard the wing players in the NBA he will find a spot on a roster for many years. He might be the most athletic player in the Big East and that would be saying something with players like Terrence Williams in the league.

Robinson is a great story about taking time away from basketball to get his life together. He went and worked at a sheet metal factory. That will open your eyes pretty quickly. Maturity in a player is an underrated characteristic that is important to winning teams...championship quality teams.

I hope he continues to do well and maybe he will make it in the NBA one day.

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