Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sectional Time

Sectional time in Indiana is March Madness plus more insanity. It is the first round of playoff basketball and every team makes it no matter how bad their record is during the season. It was tainted a little bit by the move to class basketball about a decade ago, but it is still bedlam.

I will be making Arlington my hang out spot. They have some great teams including Lawrence North(home of Greg Oden and Eric Montross), North Central (home of Eric Gordon and Jason Gardner), Cathedral and Lawrence Central.

The first game in sectional 10 play was North Central Vs. Cathedral. The bad thing about a random draw sectional and overall tournament is that you have teams that could dominate other sectionals playing each other in the first game. It was a packed house with standing room only available by the tip. Both teams played with great intensity and it was a nail bitter until in the 4th quarter North Central created some separation.

Lawrence North has four players already committed to Louisville (one senior, one junior, and two sophomores)...that is something interesting. Coach Pitino is banking on one school an awful lot. A definite pipeline has been formed between the two schools though. Lawrence North hasn't made a deep run since Greg Oden was a senior when they were crowded the mythical national champs.

As they say in "Hoosiers", welcome to Indiana high school basketball.

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