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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Preseason NBA

I'm watching the NBA preseason game between Miami and New Jersey right now. Both teams have a lot of talent. Miami should be much improved if they can stay healthy. Wade, Marion, and Beasely are a tough trio. If they can find a point guard then they will win a lot of games especially in the Eastern Conference.

That brings me to something I saw in the game. The Heat used a draft pick on Mario Chalmers from Kansas. Chalmers had a decent year on a well balanced championship team. He is not a point guard though and that's what they are trying to have him play. I really think his shot in the tournament got him drafted. They test and work out guys so much before the draft and then they basically give them the benefit of a doubt because they hit a big shot in one game. It has happened many times before and I don't think it is right or smart by the team drafting the person.

Just a little bit of a rant, haha

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