Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Individual Skills Work Out

Right now, I'm trying to figure out a "perfect" individual skills work out for basketball players of the high school to college age. I think the most important part of any work out is the way you do it. If the player is going 50 or 75% that player will not improve as much as they should. Frankly, it's a waste of their time and anyone who is helping them. You must try to go as hard as you can. Let me state, I don't think anyone can truly give 100% let alone the infamous 110% that I hate.

I would like the work out to include all facets of the game. Offense will probably be the majority of the work out since that is the easiest to work on alone, but it should try to encompass defense too. I want it to be achievement oriented...not goal oriented. I want it to be limited in time and times must be made to ensure intensity and focus.

I believe all work outs should emphasize focus, intensity and attention to detail. A half hour with those things executed properly is better than three hours without it. A lot of players work at the game on their own. How many of them really get after it when they are by themselves though? How many focus on staying low and exploding on their jab step drives? How many are thinking about other things while they shoot their 200 shots? I believe those are the types of things that hold some players back. They are willing to put in the time which a lot of players aren't but they aren't willing to put in the focus.

If anyone has a individual work out that they feel meets my criteria please email it to me at tandershock@gmail.com. I would appreciate it very much. Also, if you think I left out anything that needs to be added please inform me of what it is! Thanks

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