Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Crazy Drought of Posts

A lot has happened since the last time I posted. I will try to get a quick recap in. I will probably forget a lot of what has taken place but oh well.

July was a coming out for a couple of my players. July being the month when college coaches can come watch the tournaments. One of our first games we had Indiana State, Purdue and Ohio watching. It's probable that they were watching someone from the other team but no one stood out for them and we man-handled them. A couple of my guys had monster games. So, hopefully the colleges took notice and at least made a note to watch them again in the future.

Towards the middle of the month I was contacted by the Head Coach of Coffeyville CC in Kansas about an assistant coach opening he had. I sent him my resume and he called my references quickly. They are a very good JUCO program in a very elite junior college conference. I didn't end up getting the position, but it felt good to be considered even though I haven't finished my degree yet.

I haven't landed a coaching job for this winter. I don't plan on looking anymore as of now. If someone contacts me then I will look into it. For right now, I just plan on attending as many college practices as I can. Hopefully, I will get to a lot of Butler practices. They practice in the morning so it might be a test of my will. I made a goal to attend a practice at every D1 and D2 school in Indiana this year. I'm pretty sure I will be able to accomplish this unless something happens to my car or gas prices sky rocket again. The trip to Evansville to see University of Evansville and University of Southern Indiana could be a painful one. I'm hoping I can catch both on the same day if possible.

I have already been to work outs for Butler and University of Indianapolis. U of Indy has a new coach this year in Stan Gouard. Coach Gouard was an assistant at Indiana State the past few years. He is an incredibly nice. I hope he turns Indianapolis into a D2 powerhouse.

I'm also coaching in a high school fall league right now. The players are basically invited to play in the league or their high school coach has to recommend them. So, it is a top level league. There are about 50 kids and I'd say at least 10-15 will end up playing D1 at the very least. There obviously isn't too much coaching. It's more just helping players individually. Telling them small things. Reenforce some things that their high school coach has probably been on them about anyway. It's good to hear it from a new voice though. Sometimes as a player you start to think the coach is just getting on you for no reason and a new voice helps confirm what the coach has been saying.

I think that is about it for now. Only about 10 days til official college practice starts. It's pretty much like counting down the days til Christmas for a little kid. I can't wait!

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