Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Shooting Guard Rankings

H=High major H- = High major Stretch
M+ = Mid-major, higher possibly, M=Mid-major, M- =Mid-major stretch
L+ = Low major, higher possibly, L= Low-major, L- = Low-major stretch
D2=Division 2/NAIA /High Level D3
D3=Division 3

1. Terone Johnson 6’3 North Central H- Great shooter, strong, improving slashing game. Weakness=handles for PG or height for SG. Commit to Purdue
2. Chrishawn Hopkins 6’1 Manual M+ Athlete, quick, consistent shooter to 23 feet. Weakness=Decision-making although he finds people well, he forces the pass at times. Commit to Butler
3. P.J. Hubbert 6’5 Mount Vernon M- Shooter, long, good rebounding guard, solid one dribble pull-up game. Weakness=handles Commit to IUPUI
4. Michael Harris 6’3 East Chicago M- Good shooter, can get to the rim, tough defender
5. LaTroy Taylor 6’2 Gary Wallace M- Good body control while finishing against contact, good court vision/passer, good mid-range shooter. Probably more of a point guard.
6. Jeremiah Jones 6’3 Merrillville M-
7. Julian Boatner 6’3 Bloomington North M-Quick, long, solid shooter. Weakness=handles and rail thin. Commit to William and Mary
8. Kegan Clark 6’4 Jeffersonville L+ Very good defensively, long wingspan, finishes well although not a super athlete. Commit to Wright State
9. Roddy Richardson 6’2 Lafayette Jeff D2 Scorer, great motor, very tough. Weakness=consistency shooting.
10. Jordan Weidner 6’1 Danville D2 Slasher, strong, decent shooter from the perimeter, finishes well at the rim for a small guard. Weakness=handles, decision making. Committed to Indiana Wesleyan
11. Willie Rhodes 6’2 Warren Central D2 Quick, good motor, good slasher, good defender. Weakness=range
12. Cyllk Joesph 5’11 Bowman D2 Good shooter, great jumping ability, decent handles
13. Matt Trimnell 6’3 SeymourD2 Shooter
14. Brad Karp 6’2 Valparaiso D2 Shooter, motor, rebounds well for a guard, smart player. Weakness=handles, quicks
15. Trip McFall 6’3 North Central D2 Shooter that is a solid defender
16. Zach Starr 6’1 Hamilton Southeastern D2 Good shooter, main ball handler although not a true point guard, finished against contact when I saw him.
17. Steve Malone 6’2 Arlington D2 Solid spot up shooter, good defensively
18. Matt Trimnell 6’3 SeymourD2 Shooter
19. Cody Rohrer 6’2 Arlington D2Power guard that uses his strength to get by defenders and finishes at the basket, good spot up shooter, not very good laterally.
20. Pedar Todorovic 6’3 Wheeler D3

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