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Monday, August 10, 2009

2012 Shooting Guard Rankings

The guards in the 2012 class look like they could be really special. They have multiple high-major guys...Rafael Davis has already committed to Purdue.

Shooting Guards

1. Ron Patterson 6’3 Broad Ripple H Explosive, good shooter, can be a great defender when he wants to. Weakest part of his game is his ball handling although it is not bad…it needs to be tightened up a little bit.
2. Gary Harris 6’3 Hamilton Southeastern H Didn’t play in July when I saw his team playing. He is a long, solid shooting guard that can play the point.
3. Rafael Davis 6’5 Fort Wayne South M+ I’m not as high on Davis as others just because I think he is physically matured and he isn’t very explosive to me. If he grows a little bit more than he doesn’t need to be very explosive because he will be so big.
4. Patrick Ingram 6’0 North Central M Quick, water bug type with a good outside stroke.
5. Travis Britt 6’3 Culver Academy M Power guard that can really get up and down the floor.
6. Mike Ramey 6’3 Southport M-
7. R.J. Hunter 6’2 Pike M- Rail thin but can really shoot the ball also very long wingspan.

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