Monday, August 10, 2009

2012 Power Forward Rankings

2012 is very deep in the 4 spot. If you classify Rhett Smith and Aloyis Gray as power forwards, which you could, then the position is very deep. I decided to put them as small forwards.

Again, I only rank kids I have seen play. That is why the list isn't very long.

Power Forwards

1. Austin Burgett 6’8 SF Avon H Can shoot, can put the ball on the floor, passes well, also rebounds. Added strength and aggressiveness could take his game to the next level, which is a very elite level.
2. Dejuan Marrero 6’6 SF Bowman M+ Active rebounder, good defensively, good motor. Doesn’t have many offensive skills right now.
3. Nick Osborne 6’6 PF Muncie Central M
4. Joel Smith 6’5 Heritage Christian L+
5. Brad Hartman 6’5 Union County L+
6. Jordan VanTreese 6’6 Lawrence North L+

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