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Friday, May 22, 2009

Spiece Memorial Day Run N Slam

Spiece Memorial Day Run 'N Slam starts tonight at 7:00pm. I will be at the Spiece Fieldhouse all night watching games and coaching. Saturday will also be a full day of basketball. Last year I substituted coached the Indiana Select 2009 team to the Silver bracket championship. Although it was the Silver bracket it always feels good to win a tournament even though I would rather just have a decent run in the Gold bracket.

Once the tournament wraps up this weekend, I'll be off to the parent's lake house for a holiday cook out. I will probably stay up there for a couple days enjoying the lake if it is nice out. So, my reports might not be up until mid to late next week.

This is our last tournament until July so that high school teams can work with their players. I will be working college camps at Butler and Xavier. I might try to fit another camp in somewhere but it is late to try to get in somewhere now. AAU season flies by...I can't believe it is the end of May already. Where have you gone time?

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