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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AMC Report-Part 4

Adidas May Classic report continued. These reports are mainly based off of action that took place Sunday which was a great day for basketball.

Dee Davis Indiana Elite Team Indiana-Davis recently got scholarship offers from Xavier and Purdue and he had a great weekend to make those coaches look good. He was unstoppable when he got into the lane finishing over and around defenders all day. He also showed his nice outside stroke and I don't remember him forcing any shots. I'm still worried about his height at th college level.

Jeremiah Davis Indiana Elite Team Indiana
-Jeremiah had a good weekend. He took over offensively in the second half against Spiece Select although they still lost. When he looks to take over, he is going to shoot every time down the floor...his distributing skills go out the window which worries me. Overall, a great weekend for Jeremiah though.

Justin Gant Indiana Elite Team Indiana-Gant has all the skills to be a high major player and do well at that level. He isn't aggressive enough for my liking although he had a strong dunk over Tony Springmann in the game against Spiece Select. He settles for 3's way too much and doesn't post enough because he wants to be a perimeter player. College coaches want post skills to go along with perimeter skills for a player like Gant who is 6'8. It is that dual threat that makes him desirable. He needs to be more aggressive on the boards also.

Austin Etherington Indiana Elite Team Indiana-Etherington was a zero factor in the game vs. Spiece Select. It seemed like he was mentally out of it the whole game and when his shots did not fall early he was totally out of it. It makes me question his mental toughness a bit, but still a great prospect.

Tony Springmann Spiece Select-Springmann had a dominating performance against Team Indiana and all their big men. He outrebounded and out fought all of their inside players...him and Vincent Zollo going after it was fun to watch. In my opinion, Springmann ends up playing although he will get recruited for high major basketball.

Torrey Nibbs Spiece Select
-Nibbs had a great final four game after some disappointing performances earlier in the tournament. The difference was that he was finishing when he got into the lane. Nibbs is so explosive off the dribble he usually gets to the at will it is just a matter of if he finishes or not and a lot of the time he struggles with that. If he finishes consistently and hits mid-range jumpers then he is in the mix for high major...if he can't do those things then I'm not sure he can play at the mid-major level.

Dwight Cliff Spiece Select-Cliff had a break out weekend. He has been battling back injuries all spring and it looked like this weekend he was close to healthy. He is a bull getting to the rim and uses his strength to finish. He has a decent set 3pt shot, but struggles shooting off the dribble.

Max Landis Indiana Elite (Green?)-Landis had a great final four game vs. Spiece Select. He shoot it really well from 3 and also did damage going to the rim. I need to see him more to have a better idea of what level he can play at, but he was impressive on Sunday.

Dontray Chavis Indiana Elite (Green?)-Chavis looked really good Sunday. Inside and outside...he made some nice moves and fakes in the paint to finish a few times. He will need to add more and more outside skill sets while keeping his rebounding and post skills. I was impressed with Chavis.

Jon Trawick Indiana Elite (Green?)-Trawick wasn't overly impressive this weekend although he had powerful 2 hand dunk on Sunday after all the games he had played...that was pretty impressive. The keys for Trawick are his improvement handling the ball, defense, and range. He needs to work hard on all 3 areas.

Ray McCallum Jr. Team Detroit-Ray Ray had a very impressive weekend. Quicker than he looks...he was getting to the rim all weekend and he also showed a great stroke from 3 range. It will be interesting to see what happens with his recruiting with his dad the Head Coach of Detroit.

Justin Martin Derrick Rose
-Martin looked unimpressive and lackadaisical to me. He always has that look and body language of "I don't care about this" and it bothers me. He was an early maturer which also makes me question how successful he will be at the next level.

A recap of all the action will be the final report on the Adidas May Classic coming either later tonight or tomorrow depending on how busy I am tonight. If there are any questions about players listed or unlisted, leave a comment and I will see if I can answer your question.

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