Monday, May 18, 2009

AMC Report-Part 3

Dominique Ferguson SYF-Handled the ball a lot as he wants to become a SG and he handled it ok, but he never just takes the pass and makes an explosive move. He dribbles the ball forever before making a move although when he did finally go somewhere he was effective with it.

Andre Hampton SYF-Streaky shooter that was hot for most of the weekend. He is athletic enough to play SG but he is small for that position at the mid-major and higher levels. I'm not sold that he could play the point.

Jesse Berry SYF-Did more distributing of the ball this weekend and less scoring. He made solid plays down the stretch against EG10. A Butler commitment might be coming soon is the rumor I am hearing.

Xavier Jones SYF
-Athletic, but didn't show much else. He drove a lot and came up empty on most attempts. Jones did not do much vs. Eric Gordon All-Stars.

Terrone Johnson Eric Gordon All-Stars
-He was very good this weekend. Johnson drove a lot more than I had seen from him in the past which would be a good option to go with his shooting ability. Very strong.

Jake Kitchell SYF-Athletic big man, but not a super athlete. Not enough of an athlete to make up for his lack of offensive skills set. He was not a threat offensively from any range this weekend. Could be a good low to mid-major player.

Enique Mason SYF-Mason has lost some weight and moved a little bit better than he did in the past. He has a lot of work to do to make the D-1 level. He plays too soft at this point.

Jan Maehlan SYF-Jan also looks to be in better shape. He has some skills although they are limited. He could be a good low to mid-major player if he keeps working like it appears he is.

Roddy Richardson Eric Gordon All-Stars-Roddy is a shooter at a strong 6'2 with a great motor. He is the type of guy I want on my team. He does whatever it takes to win.

Johnny Marlin Indiana Elite One-Smart, steady, small, shooter when open, sneaky...okay I only put sneaky because I wanted more alliteration in the description. He is undersized, but looks like a low major to D2 prospect right now.

Matt Carlino Indiana Elite One- Carlino defended Irving really well. He is quicker than he looks. He penetrated the ball very well and made great passes by the seeing the floor really well. He definitely needs to improve his shooting at least to the mid-range. A lot of IU fans were on hand to see him play this weekend and most left disappointed in his game. He should be pretty darn good by the time he arrives on campus if he keeps working hard and stays focused.


Anonymous said...

Can you share a little more on the subject of Berry commiting to Butler, if you can? The reason I ask is because there is a rumor going around that he has been offered by Kentucky, and if that is true, I doubt he would go to Butler. I would love to see the kid in a Butler uniform but I have my doubts.

BTW- Thanks for the AMC reports! They are great.

Trevor Andershock said...

It is not directly from Jesse at all, but reliable sources that have heard it is very likely that he and Erick Fromm commit very soon to Butler. Nothing directly from the players themselves though.