Monday, March 23, 2009

Past Predictions

Everyone makes predictions on television but they are rarely held accountable for their predictions. People forget that so and so picked Georgetown to win the national title this year. They forget so and so said Notre Dame will make the final four. So, I decided to look back on some of my predictions I made in November.

Michigan State..."Michigan State will win the Big Ten Conference regular season..."

It looks like I nailed this one. Here is another thing I said about MSU..."I expect Michigan State to be in the top 10 range nationally all year. They might not be a top 5 team, but somewhere right outside of that."

Their #2 seed would put them just outside of the top 5. Looks like I got that one.


"Wisconsin will be solid this year of course. I would predict they will be in the 15-20 range in the national polls all year."

Here I was a little bit off as they were basically just outside of the top 25 most of the year after they went on a 4 game losing streak. But I was pretty close.

Those are a just a couple. I didn't do a full breakdown of all the Big Ten teams. I said Michigan would get some wins that they weren't expected to get due to their can ask Duke and UCLA about that. I picked Manny Harris for my Big Ten player of the year. I still think he is the best player in the league.

Feel free to look through and see if you can find any predictions I was way off on...good luck haha

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