Sunday, March 29, 2009

Final Four

The Final Four is set. UCONN, UNC, Michigan State, and Villanova. A pretty unlikely foursome. Most probably had UCONN and UNC as they have been at the top of the rankings all year, but Nova and MSU really sneaked up on me. I really did not watch Nova much this year for some reason. I believe they were on tv a decent amount since ESPN covers The Big East like no other. Michigan State has been improving every game basically since the start of the year due to youth but most injuries. Tom Izzo is a great coach and I really hope he doesn't make the move to Kentucky.

I did not get to watch the Sunday games because we had aau practice. We had a double session since some people have a far ride. It would be pointless to drive down for a 2 hour practice and drive for 5 hours. We are ranked 8th in the nation by some website. Obviously that has about zero credibility. I would say we could be in the conversation for the top 25 though. Looks like they just took the end of the year rankings last year and put them up for this year.

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