Monday, May 3, 2010

2013 Overall Rankings

Here is my top 16 for the class of 2013 so far. Once again, it is a combination of college potential and current skill level.

H=High major H- = High major Stretch

M+ = Mid-major, higher possibly, M=Mid-major, M- =Mid-major stretch

L+ = Low major, higher possibly, L= Low-major, L- = Low-major stretch

  1. Collin Hartman 6’5 Cathedral H Good without the ball, very good shooter, always looking to attack, average athlete for a high major prospect. Best when he is coming off screens and either shooting or attacking when the defender is out of position.
  2. Basil Smotherman 6’5 SF Heritage Christian H Long arms, quick, good athlete, good basketball IQ like a coach’s son should have, great shooter. Purdue and Xavier have offered so far.
  3. Darryl Baker 6’2 Jeffersonville H Power guard, good shooter with great range, penetrates to create for others just as much as he drives to score, still recovering from knee injury but looked healthy April 11.
  4. Bryson Scott 6’1 Fort Wayne Northrop H- Change of pace and crafty moves with the ball makes him really hard to guard at this level. He is also strong for his age and finishes well right below the rim. If you play off to stop his penetration, he can knock down jumpers from the outside. The twins play full speed the whole game. He is fun to watch.
  5. Devin Davis Jr. 6’6 F Warren Central H- Long, active rebounder, finishes well. Looks like he could grow more and has the fundamentals to improve as a perimeter player. Has been showing more and more of an outside skill set lately.
  6. V.J. Beachem 6’5 Fort Wayne Harding SG Big time potential, ultra long arms, ability to handle the ball, good shooter. He hasn’t been too aggressive looking to score when I have seen him.
  7. Richard Freeman 6’7 Lawrence Central PF H Good looking lefty stroke to about 17’, athletic, great looking frame. It seems like he will be really good this time next year. Potential is ahead of his skill level by a good margin right now.
  8. Brenton Scott 6’0 Fort Wayne Northrop M+ Much like his brother and I can’t really tell them apart, but I believe Bryson is slightly better in terms of scoring ability and play making ability.
  9. Phillip Owens 5’11 PG Heritage Christian Ultra quick, good handles, can shoot it from the outside, will go for the flashy play at inopportune times. Very similar to Zavier Turner, but I think Owens is a better shooter and scorer at this point although Turner is more controlled and won’t take some of the bad shots that Owens will.
  10. Milos Kostic 6’8 Bishop Noll M+ Solid complete skill set that you would expect from a European-type big man. Kostic picked up an early offer from Northwestern as he fits their mold perfectly.
  11. Demetrius Jackson 6’1 Mishawaka M Solid body for a freshmen point guard, good athlete although he doesn’t seem ultra-quick, very good handles.
  12. Zavier Turner 5’8 PG Pike Played a pure point guard role for Pike his freshmen year. He displayed great court vision and very tough on ball defense.
  13. Zak Irvin 6’3 SF Hamilton Southeastern M Good looking shooting form, can handle the ball, very long. Lots of potential at this point. Similar build as Basil Smotherman, but he doesn’t have the skill set that Smotherman has at this point.
  14. Franco House 6’5 Concord PF M Strong, finishes well, dominates inside at this age, but might be done growing. He does move well though. House showed more of a perimeter game this weekend with a full array of dribble moves while driving.
  15. Clay Yeo 6’4 Triton SG M More athletic than he looks, good shooter, unsure of his handles at this point. I like his length for a shooter.
  16. Nick Davidson 6’3 SG Andrean Had a great year for Andrean starting most of the season if not all for their varsity team. Definitely need to see him more, he might be ranked too low for right now.