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Saturday, April 10, 2010 Impressions (2012)

2012 is a loaded class in Indiana. There is enough talent in the 2011, 2012, and 2013 classes in Indiana for college coaches across the nation to all get a piece of the action.

The Eric Gordon All-Stars 2012 team is just absolutely loaded. All the next players are on the EG10 team.

Jeremy Hollowell 6'6 Lawrence Central has added some muscle since last summer. Hollowell didn't have the high school season most people thought he would. It wasn't a bad year, but he was inconsistent and people questioned his motor. Today, he was back in his AAU form. He buried a couple of 3's sandwiched together with a couple of powerful dunks. His length, athleticism, and skill set is unmatched in the 2012 class.

Rhett Smith 6'6 Sullivan has also added some weight to his frame. I'm not sure if that has affected his quickness. His pump fake and drive game was very good last year. His 3pt form looks more smooth than it did last year.

Nick Osborne 6'7 Muncie Central is really strong for his age. Osborne dominated the glass in the game I saw. He is really active and tough inside. He even showed some lateral quickness by containing a guard on the perimeter.

Brent Calhoun 6'8 Warren Central has improved around the basket. He is finishing much more consistently now. He has always been able to block shots and rebound, but now he is a threat on the offensive end.

Dylan Langkabel 6'4 Morristown was not as athletic as he looked when I saw him during the high school year. He did knock down a couple of 3's though. His skill set will not be questioned when determining what level he can play in college. The deciding factor will be his athleticism and who he can guard.

There are other very good players that I have not listed. Ronnie Johnson (North Central), Kendall Waters (Pendleton Heights), Patrick Ingram (North Central).

Grant Meyer 5'11 Silver Creek (Team Southern Indiana) impressed me with his shooting ability. Quick release and always in control, I will be watching him this spring.

Sam Hunt 6'7 Jennings County (Team Southern Indiana) is a big man prospect I haven't seen before today. He did some good things and moved pretty well. I will be keeping an eye on him this spring.

I didn't get a chance to see the Indiana Elite One team featuring Ron Patteron, Kellen Dunham, and Kellon Thomas. I should get a chance to see them Sunday.

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