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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Muncie Central @ Noblesville

I went to this game to see Muncie Central. I have already seen Noblesville twice this year so I knew what to expect from them. I have only seen Munice Central sophomore Nick Osborne once and I wanted to see him play in a full game. I wanted to see how Jeremiah Davis was doing as well.

Noblesville played zone pretty much the whole game and Muncie Central just could never get anything going. They had to work very hard to get anything to fall and couldn't string consecutive possessions together.

Noblesville ended up winning in a low scoring affair 49-41. Muncie Central was always in the game, but could never make a run to take the lead.

Jeremiah Davis 6'3 junior Muncie Central did not start the game and played limited minutes throughout. He is up to 195 pounds and looks good physically. He didn't do much of the ball handling for MC as Adam Botts handled that. Overall, not much to report because he didn't play many minutes.

Nick Osborne 6'8 sophomore Muncie Central struggled to get open shots inside against Noblesville's zone defense. I liked how he moved offensively and he is strong for a 6'8 (probably closer to 6'7) sophomore. He didn't have many one on one opportunities in the post to show his post moves. I'm not sure how good of jumper he is. He never skyed well above the rim at any point. Osborne did go down with an injury in the 3rd quarter and didn't return so I got a limited viewing of him as well. Definitely D1 high is the question.

Adam Botts 6'0 sophomore Muncie Central is a solid point guard that is going to take care of the ball, lead his team, and hit open shots from the outside. He is quick, but not lightning quick. Probably a low D1 prospect, but I will need to see him more.

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