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Friday, January 29, 2010

Edinburgh @ Morristown

I ventured away from the Indianapolis area for this one. Well, it isn't that far but still. This game was filled with underclassmen. Morristown starts two sophomores and a freshmen. Edinburgh started two impressive sophomores themselves.

It was a close game throughout until Morristown pulled away in the fourth quarter. Morristown led by 2 at the half behind a three from Dylan Langkabel with 5 seconds left. Morristown increased the lead to 3 going to the fourth. Morristown ended up beating Edinburgh 72-61.

The trip's objective was to see how good Dylan Langkabel is and he did not disappoint. He uses screens well and is unselfish enough to set a lot of screens for his teammates. I like how he elevates on his jump shot as it allows him to shoot over people. He isn't going to kill people off the dribble too much, but he will drive if people try to pressure him too much. Langkabel posted up a few times and showed some nice post moves for a guard. I was impressed with his game. He rebounded pretty well although he was always one of the biggest people on the court. Langkabel finished with 34 points and 10 rebounds by my unofficial scoring. My first impression is that he is a solid M (mid-major) prospect.

The second most impressive player in the game to me was Jordan Burton, the 6'6" sophomore from Edinburgh. He is listed at 6'8" but I think he is more like 6'6 and possibly 6'7. Burton showed some good post moves and he seals pretty well although he bends over a little too much while trying to get position. He has good rotation on his shot, but he doesn't have much arc on it. I had him 3-9 from the line and most were on target just rimmed out due to no arc. Burton runs the floor well and is an okay overall athlete. He doesn't jump out of the gym by any stretch though. My first impression is that he is a M to M- prospect.

Kyle Wuest 6'2 sophomore from Edinburgh impressed me with his athleticism...mainly his lateral quickness, but also is a good jumper. He is a slasher with a good looking mid-range jumper. Wuest seems like he is in-between being a point guard and a shooting guard right now. He needs to improve his ball handling to be a D1 point guard prospect or improve his shooting to be a D1 shooting guard prospect. Off of my first impression, I would grade him as a L+ prospect at this point.

Nathan Cox 6'7 sophomore from Morristown was plaqued by foul trouble all game. While he was in he showed some solid post moves and rebounded aggressively. He is not athletic, but he does run the floor and puts in a great amount of effort. He is probably a D2/NAIA prospect unless he grows or really works on his shooting.

Kyler Brewer 6'1 freshmen from Morristown showed a good amount of athleticism for a freshmen. He has a good looking shot although he took a few unwarranted shots especially late in the game, but a lot of freshmen do. He showed okay handles at times, but will need to improve them greatly to be a college point guard.

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