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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

IPSAC Midwest Basketball Challenge-Howe/ECC

The Howe/East Chicago Central game was the closest game of the day. Early it looked like Howe was going to run away with it. Howe let ECC back into the game during the 2nd quarter though and it was back and forth from there.

PJ Boutte
scored a go ahead basket with around 30 seconds left in the game. ECC attacked and Howe fouled Anthony Williams. Williams,who was hot most of the day, knocked down both free-throws to give ECC a one point lead. ECC came out of the time-out in a 2-2-1 press and Howe throw right over the top to Jordan Manuel. Manuel drove to the hoop and was unsuccessful on this attempt. After many tips and a scramble later the game was over. ECC escaped with a 62-61 victory.

Anthony Williams 6'1 junior forward for ECC impressed me. I had never heard of him before but he made a lot of big shots for the Cardinals. He was a tough defender and scrappy player all game. I hope to see him more in the future.

Michael Harris
6'3 senior guard was only 5-11 from the field, but he easily could have been 8-11. He made numerous nice plays and great moves. He hit the open shot and was the leader for ECC. He is definitely a D1 high is the question though. I think he could play major minutes early for most mid-majors depending on the system.

Isiah Hill 6'10 junior center has lost a lot of weight and has gained a lot of mobility from it. He still has some work to be done in the conditioning department, but he has made great strides. I had him down for 10 points and 5 rebounds. He could be a very good post for mid-majors if he continues to lose weight. As of right now, he is a low-major prospect.

Giovantae Hazelett
6'7 senior forward showed glimpses of a very good player. He might only be 6'5 or 6'6 though. He had some athletic finishes while showing good free-throw form going 4-4 so he has a base to develop. He appears to be more of a D2 type of player, but this is the first time I have seen him.

Jordan Manuel
6'8 senior wing is committed to Detroit. He didn't play until the 4th quarter. He came in cold to start the 4th quarter with the game tied. I'm not sure that is a great situation to put a kid into. Even if he sat out for discpline reasons I think I might have just held him out the whole game or gotten him in during the 3rd quarter. He could be a big-time player for Detroit if he gets after it...that is a big if though.

PJ Boutte 5'9 junior point guard is also committed to Detroit. He was questionable due to spraining his ankle last week. He played major minutes though. I had him with the stat line of 1-4 from 2pt, 1-4 from 3pt, 3-6 from the free-throw line with 1 assist to go along with 4 turnovers.

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