Saturday, August 1, 2009

2010 Small Forward Rankings

I have Dominique Ferguson still ranked although he is going to go to prep school next year. I will probably take him off the rankings once school starts and everything is official. Other than that, just minor changes to the small forward rankings.

2010 Small Forwards

1. Dominique Ferguson 6’9 Lawrence North(Prep School now) H Long, athletic, decent handles, improving shooter. Weakness=decision-making.
2. Justin Martin 6’7 Lawrence North H- Streaky shooter, athletic, long. Weakness=motor and consistency.
3. Russell Byrd 6’7 Blackhawk Christian H Long-range shooter, solid quicks. Weakness=handles. Verbal commit to Michigan State.
4. Jordan Manual 6’8 Howe M+ Long, streaky shooter, decent athlete. Weakness=motor
5. Daniel Turner 6’6 Mount Vernon M Strong, decent athlete, good touch around the basket, good motor. Weakness=range.
6.Khristian Smith 6’4 Pike L+ Long, decent athlete, streaky shooter. Weakness= motor and handles
7. Neal Beshears 6’6 Winchester L+ Slasher, good motor, rebounder, solid shooter, very long. Weakness=strength and finishing strong in the lane.
8. Andrew Rudakas 6’5 Wheeler L- Strong, physical, good motor, decent set shooter. Weakness=quicks, handles.
9. Chris Welker 6’4 Zionsville L- Strong, good motor, fundamental in the post. Weakness=quickness. Verbal commit to Army.
10. Leland Brown 6’4 Noblesville L- Solid athlete, decent penetrater. Weakness=motor, range.
11. A.J. Adams 6’4 Jeffersonville L- Strong body, solid athlete. Needs to improve offensive game.
12. Scott Lascowski 6’4 Carmel L- Kind of long, decent motor. Weakness=handles, shooting.

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