Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spring Recap Series-II

Continuing on with my recap from the spring season so far I will be listing my surprise players so far. Today will be from the class of 2010 in Indiana.

Chrishawn Hopkins 6'2 SG Indianapolis (Manual)-Combo guard that is a true combo and not just a shooting guard in a point guard's body. He can handle it efficiently, good quickness...laterally and first step, great springs (can jump out of the gym), consistent outside range. Very few people know about him and he doesn't play on good teams (high school or aau) so it's hard to criticize him for forcing things when he is the only option. He is a mid-major prospect in my eyes.

Brad Karp 6'2 SG Valparaiso-Consistent, good motor, does all the little things that help teams win. I don't think he is quite athletic enough for D1, but low D1's and D2/NAIA should take a look. Karp isn't flashy, but is a type of player I would want on my team.

Greg Miller 6'6 PF North Miami-Although I haven't seen him on the AAU circuit (I don't believe he is playing),Miller impressed me greatly at the Top 100 workout in April. Strong, skilled, good motor. Played very well against Travis Carrol at the work out.

Daniel Turner 6'6 PF/SF Mt. Vernon-Tweener, but strong and athletic enough to play the 4 spot at the low D1 level I believe. Good touch around the basket, worker, good rebounder.

Ronald Ross 6'3 SG-I like what I have seen from Ross so far but would like to see more of him before I have a good grasp on his capabilities. Strong body, athletic, finishes well in the lane, unsure of his range and ball handling...that's why I would like to see more of him.

Aaron Bluitt 6'1 PG Indianapolis (Chatard)-Flashes of a great player, but also will be lackadaisical at times and make poor decisions. Bluitt is more of a SG that can handle the ball right now and I would like him to get to the point where he is a PG that can score when he wants to. Ball handling against pressure and decision making against that pressure are my concerns about him being a PG at the D1 level. I think he can make that improvement if he works at it.

Erik Fromm 6'8 PF Bloomington South-I'm putting Fromm on here because I had not seen him a bunch before this spring and I'm really impressed with his footwork and skill around the basket. I rank him slightly higher than Donnie Hale which is crazy in some people's eyes but he is just so fundamental he rarely makes mistakes. He should fit into Butler's system very well.

Donnie Hale 6'7 PF New Albany
-Athletic, solid motor. I wish he had a right hand (he is left handed) if he was able to score with his right hand then he would be higher than Fromm in my opinion but at the next level he will get a lot of shots blocked if he can't use both hands around the rim. He looks to be transitioning to more of a 3 but in order to do that he needs to be able to use both hands equally and he cannot right now. Other than that, I have no complaints about his game.

Ethan Jacobs 7'0 C Tipton-Jacobs was having a solid spring in both school work outs where college coaches were coming to watch him and on the AAU circuit. 7 footer with a good stroke is hard to find. He could be a star at Ohio before his career is literally is up to him how hard he wants to go after making that a reality.

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