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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2010 Shooting Guard Rankings

Again there are some players that you would probably think are point guards or small forwards in this group, but I tried to project to what position they need to play in college basketball. I would say P.J. Hubbert is the best shooter in the group, but many are close like Terone Johnson, Andre Hampton, Jesse Berry, Chrishawn Hopkins, and Russell Byrd could all make an argument for the position.

2010 Shooting Guard Rankings

1. Terone Johnson 6’2 North Central H- Great shooter, strong, improving slashing game. Weakness=handles for PG or height for SG.
2. Chrishawn Hopkins 6’2 Manual M+ Athlete, quick, consistent shooter to 23 feet. Weakness=Decision-making.
3. Julian Boatner 6’3 Bloomington North M- Quick, long, solid shooter. Weakness=handles
4. Ronald Ross 6’3 Northwest L+ Strong, athletic, good finisher in the lane. Weakness= range and handles
5. P.J. Hubbert 6’5 Mount Vernon M- Shooter, long, solid one dribble pull-up game. Weakness=handles
6. Khristian Smith 6’3 Pike L+ Long, decent athlete, streaky shooter. Weakness= motor and handles.
7. Xavier Jones 6’2 Gary West L Solid athlete, slasher, decent handles. Weakness=finishing in the lane against bigger post men.
8. Kegan Clark 6’4 Jeffersonville L Haven’t seen much, but I remember being impressed with his defensive ability.
9. Jordan Weidner 6’1 Danville L- Slasher, strong, decent shooter from the perimeter. Weakness=handles, decision making.
10. Roddy Richardson 6’2 Lafayette Jeff L- Scorer, great motor. Weakness=consistency shooting.
11. Brad Karp 6’2 Valparaiso L- Shooter, motor, rebounds well for a guard. Weakness=handles, quicks

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