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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2010 Centers

Indiana doesn't produce many true centers for the college game. Small in numbers, but the few centers are pretty solid. Ethan Jacobs is full of potential, it is just a matter of he ever realizes that potential.

2010 Centers

1. Travis Carrol 6’8 Danville H- The big fundamental, range to 17 feet. Weakness=Athleticism.
2. Ethan Jacobs 7’0 Tipton H- Long (obviously), good shot to 17 feet, developing post game. Weakness=Raw, not very aggressive.
3. Parker Staufer 6’6 Southridge L- Smart, tough, good motor. Weakness=height, not a great offensive skill set.
4. Enique Mason 6’7 Brownsburg L– Wide body, developing some offensive moves. Weakness=motor, skill set.
5. Jan Maehlan 7’0 Lawrence North L-Wide body getting in better shape, good touch. Weakness=Aggressiveness and athleticism.

1 comment:

wsheewashee said...

you mean Parker Stouffer from Southwood?

legit 6-7 plays with Carrol on spiece team. Swood won Purdue, Indiana Weslyan and IU shootouts, (played as small school at PU and IU)