Friday, May 8, 2009

Take Your Pick

I decided to do some comparisons of players "PTI" style with a little take your pick.

First up...Michael Chandler or A.J. Hammons?

I'll take A.J. Hammons as I like his post game at this point and I believe he has a bit more potential than Chandler. Chandler is no slouch and this is a tough choice but I also think Hammons runs a bit better which will improve if he drops some weight.

Better 2012 Point Guard right now...Yogi Ferrell or Kellon Thomas?

I'm going with Kellon Thomas right now, but Yogi Ferrell might have a little more upside with his height advantage. Right now, Thomas is the better shooter and makes decisions with the ball better. Therefore, I like him better as of now.

Better 2012 Prospect...D'vauntes Smith-Rivera or Ron Patterson?

I have to go with Patterson based on athleticism mainly. DSR is physically matured right now although I'm not sure if Patterson will grow anymore either. Patterson has better range and both drive and finish well in the lane.

Better 2011 Point Guard...Jeremiah Davis or P.J. Boutee?

At this moment, I would say they are very similar in the fact they are creators first and scorers second and then shooters third. Davis is bigger and stronger. Boutee has the quickness advantage. Both will make mistakes trying to do too much at times. I will take Jeremiah Davis in this match-up.

More to come later...

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nahcnalla said...

Give me Chandler all day. Hammonds couldn't guard him. Chandler has more upside than Hammonds. Hammonds will be good but in the long run, Chandler will be the best. My observation in their head to head meetings Hammons couldn't stop him. He doesn't outrun him or has a better post game. Chandler also can shoot it. But it'll be interesting to see if you change your observations after July