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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spiece Memorial Day Tourney Continued

This report will also be more cumulative than just this weekend.

Indiana Select 2011

Matt Schauss 6'3 SG-Good shooter, decent ball handler, solid length. I would like him to be more of a PG that can shoot instead of a SG that can handle it a little bit. He is improving defensively but needs to work on a consistent effort. D2/NAIA prospect right now but if he gets after it training wise he could be low D1.

Spencer Comer 6'3 SG-Slasher, athletic, strong, good motor, good rebounder for his size. The athleticism is there to guard PGs but I don't think he can handle pressure against the top point guards right now. Better handles and more consistent shooting would make his stock jump a lot.

Jackson Kenshaw 6'4 SG-Strong, decent athlete, decent set shooter, can handle the ball a bit. Probably just needs to refine all parts of his game...get a little bit better in each area and he can be a good prospect for low D1's.

Josh Gentry 6'4 SF-Streaky shooter, good slasher, really long, good athlete. Needs to refine all parts of game. If he continues to grow, he could have a good future. D2/NAIA right now, but could jump quickly.

Christian Ford 5'9 PG
-Solid handles, quick, lefty. Forces it too much at times, but is a good scorer. Needs to become more of a pass first and score when the team needs me to point guard with his size.

Wade Thomas 6'7 PF-Potential is the word here. Long, good motor, rebounds, good form on jumper, solid post moves. Still developing coordination and overall game. I think he is a good worker that could get him to the D2+ level.

Spiece Indy Heat-Felder

Alexander Hutson 6'1 SG-Streaky shooter, solid athlete. I listed him as a SG because I don't feel like he would be a player that will come down, handle the ball, set up the offense, make the pass that starts the offense or the pass that leads to the pass that leads to the basket. Needs to become a true point which includes better handles and more passing. Defense is also a question but I think he has the ability to be a good defender with his athleticism, he just needs to refine some things.

Chandler Thomas 6'5 PF-Very good in the post, solid athlete, good rebounder. The problem is that he is a 6'5 PF/C. He can drive the ball a little and shoot from the outside a little but he needs to develop into a SF/SG. I do not think the work ethic is there for that to happen.

Brian Stolarz 6'4 PF-Solid set shooter, strong, decent athlete, solid rebounder. Needs to be a SG/SF at the next level and he knows this. The process is long and difficult. I do not think he has the quickness to guard on the perimeter. Low D1 or D2 seems like a good fit to me. That still depends on him becoming more of a SF.

Spiece Indy Heat-Downs

Travis Carroll 6'8 PF-Developing solid range, great in the post, good rebounder. Lacks athleticism is the big knock. He can get around it at the next level if he is very smart and out works guys. Should be solid at Purdue.

Jack Isenbarger 6'2 PG-Solid handles, good quickness, good shooter, good length. I really like Isenbarger for the mid-major level as a true point guard. I think he might grow still also.

Jordan Weidner 6'1 PG-Solid set shooter, good penetrator, decent athlete. Needs to show that he can handle the ball against tough defenders and that he can also score or create inside against big guys (6'8+). D2/NAIA right now.

Kennis White 6'1 PG
-Good athlete, passes well, decent handles. Low D1 or D2 prospect in my eyes.

Donnie Hale 6'7 PF-Athlete, quick, solid post moves (going to left hand). I would love him if he could finish with his right hand...he is a lefty. I've seen decent range from him but he does his damage in the lane. Mid-major would be a good fit for Hale I believe.

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