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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spiece Memorial Day Tournament-Part 2

Part 2

Spiece Indy Heat 2012

Yogi Ferrell 5'9 PG-Yogi continues to impress me with his improved outside shooting, quickness, ability to get to the rim, and only rarely being out of control.

Dajaun Marrero 6'6 PF-I'm not sure if Marrero will grow anymore...facially he looks matured and at 6'6 this could cause a problem for him. I'm guessing the offers he has project him to be an athletic 3 man, but he needs more range, handles, and explosiveness to be a 3. A lot of work for someone with big-time offers.

Raphael Davis 6'3 SG-The recent Purdue oral commit was wearing an IU shirt under his jersey. No story here, but it is fun to tease Purdue fans about.

Spiece Indy Stars 2012

Austin Burgett 6'7 SF-The versatile forward exploded against St. Louis Gateway in the first half. He had 2 dunks in traffic, a few 3's, and some nice drives as he showed his full offensive game against a solid team. I like him more than a lot of other guys in the 2012 that already have the big-time offers. He is already skilled for a legit 6'6 kid at that age.

Rhett Smith 6'4 SF-A true inside/outside threat. Most young taller guys are really just hanging around the perimeter shooting when open and not doing much else. Rhett is posts well with good post moves and he also drives the ball very well especially baseline from the perimeter.

Ron Patterson and Kellon Thomas
were solid as is the norm.

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