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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Magic-Cavs Series

I thought I would post some notes that I have noticed during the Magic and Cavs series. I have definitely been surprised that Orlando jumped out to a 3-1 series lead. Cleveland had a great regular season and they breezed through the first two rounds. Orlando poses a lot of match-up problems for the Cavs though. The Magic have a lot of height and length at each position. That can affect shooters greatly and most of the Cavs role players are shooters and they have struggled for the most part this series.

Lebron James is just ridiculous and that sums it up. When he shoots it well from 3 point range, he is impossible to guard. He is so fast, quick, strong, finishes strong, and then when he shoots the ball well...that is the nail in the coffin. One main criticism of Lebron is that he doesn't take and knock down the final shot of the game to win it. He proved that to be wrong in this series. Here is what concerns me in late game situations especially last shot is his decision making i.e. when to get to the rim, when to pull up, when to pass to open teammates, and when to force a shot. That is where he could use some work and those are very coachable things.

Dwight Howard is a beast. Patrick Ewing has been tutoring Howard in the post. Howard still needs a ton of work on his post moves. Although, it is mainly just finishing the moves now which is all repetition. I believe if Ewing stays with him another year then Howard will really take off next year. By that I mean that he will not rely on dunking for 60% of his points. He will be able to score on his hook and what not. It would be really fun to see him dominate then.

Mo Williams...hmmmm where are you? Mo had a great regular season and a bad/disappointing series to this point. Lebron needs him to help carry the Cavs especially with his outside shooting. If Mo had a good series then the outcome of the series is totally different.

Too bad Jameer Nelson isn't able to play in the playoffs. He was having a break out season when it was cut short by injury. He would add yet another option for the Magic and I believe Orlando would be a favorite to win the whole championship although they aren't far off without him in the lineup.

It has been an entertaining series and I think the Finals will be very good no matter who is playing in it. The Lakers are good, but they seem to lose focus at times. Anyone left could still claim the title. Hopefully, this means the NBA is on its way to being very good and fun to watch again.

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